TU Delft is developing digital ID app for phones to replace passport and driving license 

TU Delft is developing digital ID app for phones to replace passport and driving license 

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Apart from your passport and driving license, TU Delft has developed an application for your smartphone, with which you can prove your identity quickly and safely with even more privacy options.

Digital ID App Prototype

Together with the National Office for Identity Data (RvIG), TU Delft has a part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), IDEMIA (the current producer of Dutch passports) and law firm CMS, and within the context of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition — developed a first prototype for a digital stamp that can fulfill this function over time.  This digital identity is based on innovative blockchain technology from Delft, the so-called Trustchain.

The prototype was demonstrated during a BZK meeting on 7 June. After summer, a user test with this technique will start in two municipalities.

Currently, many online platforms use Facebook or Twitter for logging in their users. With a digital stamp, that could become a thing of the past.

Utrecht and Eindhoven to get it first

As per the press release, Utrecht and Eindhoven are about to implement a pilot project that will introduce a third alternative, a Blockchain-based phone application that will allow citizens to prove their identity, dubbed as “self-sovereign identity service.”

As part of the pilot program, the two municipalities (Utrecht and Eindhoven) will introduce ‘I am it‘ and ‘I am older than 18‘ as two identity verification services after the summer. The pilot test will last until the end of 2018, after which a scientific examination of the test will take place on social, ethical, technical, legal, economic and user aspects. Based on this, it is determined whether and how this can be further developed.

Trustchain: A new technology

At the core of this new identity verification service is Trustchain, a model for digital signature validity. The services allow data to be stored in a secure and fast way of establishing identity and creating trust between two parties. Trustchain is capable of detecting fraud in its network.

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