Uber Eats openly criticised Dutch Takeaway scaleup Thuisbezorgd.nl: Here’s why!

Uber Eats openly criticised Dutch Takeaway scaleup Thuisbezorgd.nl: Here’s why!

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As per the latest news reports by the folks at the Financieele Dagblad, Uber Eats, the leading food delivery platform has openly criticised the largest food delivery website in the Netherlands, Thuisbezorgd.nl.

The attack comes just ahead of the San Francisco firm’s plans to work with restaurants, later this year that have their own self-employed staff. With this move, the company will enter a part of the Dutch delivery market that is now dominated by Thuisbezorgd.nl.

Basically, Uber Eats wants to share data with all restaurants about consumer trends, which is crucial considering the highly competitive market. Previously, the company shared data with caterers and restaurants who used Uber Eats for delivering foods instead of their own deliverers.

According to Aukeline Tolman, Director of Uber Eats Netherlands, Uber Eats now serves more than 1,200 restaurants in the Netherlands. Plus, they are planning to double the number this year and focus on large and medium-sized cities. Tolman indirectly criticises the rivals and reportedly says, “We want to give restaurants the choice whether they want to deliver their orders themselves, or whether they have it done through us. We want to offer entrepreneurs more flexibility.”

Even though Uber Eats is relatively small in terms of customer base, the company seems to have a huge amount of data from consumers and can thus predict their eating behaviour. On the other hand, Thuisbezorgd.nl, a part of Takeaway.com occupies the throne certainly, with well-connected restaurants and the most significant number of orders.

Right now, Uber Eats operates in places like Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Haarlem and Groningen.

The food delivery market looks interesting now with a lot of competitions and rivalries. Considering this scenario, the market for online ordering is huge and expected to record consistent growth rates over the period due to several factors and technology development.

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