Utrecht-based AIOps startup StackState secures around €4.5M to support global expansion

Utrecht-based AIOps startup StackState secures around €4.5M to support global expansion

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Recently, StackState, a market-leading Artificial Intelligence IT Operations platform raised $5 million (approx €4.5M) in funding led by Capri Ventures and Xebia Investment Holding, bringing its primary capital total to $18 million (approx €16M).

Daan Teunissen, StackState CEO, said:

StackState is at the tipping point of a global market breakthrough. The funding from Capri Ventures and Xebia Investment Holding will allow us to invest even more in our industry-leading product while also extending our go-to-market reach to more organisations around the world.

The company is planning to utilise the funding to accelerate product development and establish a US presence. For the uninitiated, StackState has created the industry’s first Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations platform that delivers a real-time, comprehensive map of the enterprise IT landscape.

What is AIOps?

The terms AIOps stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence for IT operations.’ It refers to the integration of analytics and machine learning for scaling and improving various IT operations.

To make it simple, AIOps uses big data, modern machine learning, and other advanced analytics technologies to enhance IT operations functions with personal and dynamic insight.

57% of enterprises fail to provide insights!

According to Gartner,  57% of enterprises have more than ten tools yet fail to provide holistic insight. Finding the right data to make fast business decisions is essential, and that’s where StackState’s 4T Data Model comes into play.

4T Data Model is what you need!

The 4T Data Model is the core of StackState’s monitoring and AIOps platform and the main driver for all real-time control, automation, and predictive capabilities. It has the ability to combines big data, Artificial Intelligence, and topology visualization to instantly pinpoint the root cause of (predicted) incidents and improve business alignment.

Helps organisations make better decisions

This indeed helps organisations make better decisions faster and avoid high severity outages. Based out of Utrecht, the company has customers from various industries like finance, telecom, and more. It also includes global enterprises like IBM Global Services, KPN Telecom, and ABN AMRO Bank as well as local innovators, such as NS International and Schuberg Philis.

Alex Pinchev, the managing partner of Capri Ventures, said:

StackState is a highly scalable AIOps platform, delivering superior responsiveness to market and end-user demand. We look forward to contributing to the company’s global success and working with its highly experienced team and CEO.

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