These are the fastest growing tech cities in Europe in 2019

These are the fastest growing tech cities in Europe in 2019

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According to Savills Tech Cities, a research done by a London-based real-estate firm, Savills — New York and Chinese tech cities have emerged out to become the premier tech hubs globally, when it comes to living and working for the aspiring audience. However, as per their latest report, European cities are not behind and they contributing vigorously in the global tech sector.

The report was based on research grouped into six categories including business environment, tech environment, city buzz & wellness, talent pool, real estate costs, and mobility. Each category is weighted to reflect its importance to the tech sector. So let’s take a look at the top 8 tech cities from the EU region for 2019.

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Performing especially well on our ‘buzz and wellness’ and mobility costs, the UK capital remains the dominant tech hub in Europe, with three times more VC investment recorded in 2018 than the nearest European rival for VC investment, Paris.

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Amsterdam is hot on its heels, rivalling London’s position as the global gateway to Europe. This vibrant global hub benefits from a skilled, English-speaking workforce and scores well across all categories. At the same time, the expansion and cost of co-working spaces are much of value in Amsterdam, then compared to the tech hubs of US including San Francisco.

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Stockholm is one of the leading tech cities in the world. With leading tech brand names like Skype, Spotify, and others, the city has been receiving considerable attention lately. Moreover, Stockholm is home to around 120 health tech firms with some truly exciting health tech developments. According to Insead’s 2018 Global Cities Talent Competitiveness Index, Stockholm is the world’s second best city for attracting global talent.

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Copenhagen, is one among the world’s most cycle-friendly. Their compact size allows residents shorter commutes, easier access to amenities and a better work/life balance. There are approximately more than 400 tech companies in Denmark that run the gamut of technologies, from analytics and big data to gaming, cloud, fintech and apps.

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When it comes to European cities with a proven history of startup, Paris may lag behind London and Berlin. But it’s not going to stay the same as the city is maturing into an impressive startup ecosystem, attracting foreign talent and funding. Moreover, France is striving hard to turn itself into a “start-up nation”, forcing through reforms to labour laws which are likely to lure tech companies.

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Lots and lots of young creative entrepreneurs are flocking to the German capital to be a part of this healthy growing ecosystem. In fact, companies, such as Penta, Swiss Bank and Samsung Next Europe have realised the great potential and are relocating to Berlin in preparation for the upcoming changes within the EU. The Berlin startup ecosystem is all about vibrant and creative culture, a diverse pool of talent and expertise, as well as attractive funding programmes.

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In recent years, Dublin is firmly establishing itself as one of the tech capitals of Europe and the world. According to a report by renowned global real estate services provider Savills, Dublin has made into the elite tech city list, ranking it in 12th place on a list of the top 22 cities for tech around the world.

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Just like Copenhagen, Barcelona is also among the world’s most cycle-friendly. Also, Barcelona ($250 per week) offer relatively affordable rental accommodation. With more than 1200 startups, Barcelona is a buzzing startup hub and one of Europe’s prominent tech hotspots. This city is the fifth hottest startup hub in Europe after London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. Notably, a well-planned startup can be established in Barcelona, thanks to the city’s thriving entrepreneurship, access to international sources of investments including venture capita, incubators, accelerator and much more.

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