Amsterdam’s Starred and Copenhagen’s Talenthub merge to transform candidate-centric recruitment



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Amsterdam-based Starred, a Candidate Experience Analytics platform, and Copenhagen’s Talenthub, a platform for candidate-centric recruitment, announced on Wednesday, September 6, that they have merged with an aim to become a global leader in Candidate Experience Analytics.

Both parties look to set new industry standards and offer organisations a complete platform to measure and enhance candidate experience throughout the recruitment process.

With this deal, Daniel Birkholm, previously the CEO of Talenthub, is set to become the new CEO of the merged company. Lars van Wieren, the former CEO of Starred, will assume the role of COO. 

The company will continue its operations from offices in both Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

About Starred and Talenthub

Founded in 2012 by Lars van Wieren and Mark Berendsen, Starred is a Recruitment Analytics platform that enables global talent acquisition teams to automate the collection and analysis of real-time feedback from various stakeholders in the recruitment process.

The process includes candidates, hiring managers, recruiters, new hires, and more.

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Starred serves clients like Coca-Cola, Diageo, PwC, Deloitte, and Dropbox, providing valuable insights to optimise hiring outcomes and enhance candidate experience, hiring team experience, and quality of hire.

Talenthub, founded in 2017 by Daniel Birkholm as an offshoot of Denmark’s largest recruitment marketing agency, has a core mission of creating the world’s best recruitment hub to enhance the hiring experience for both candidates and companies. 

Currently, it claims to stand as a leading platform for candidate-centric recruitment, offering a suite of products to assist candidates in finding their dream jobs and providing advanced Candidate Experience analytics and insights to organisations aiming to attract top-tier talent.

Talenthub serves clients such as JustEat Takeaway, JYSK, Unity, Volvo, Pandora, and more. They prioritise delivering exceptional Candidate Experiences while equipping companies with valuable data-driven insights for their recruitment strategies.

Aim of the merger

This deal means that Starred and Talenthub will engage with over 10 million candidates annually, collect 10 million survey responses yearly, and provide insights to over 200 organisations for data-driven recruitment improvements.

Despite targeting similar clients with similar solutions, the merger signifies a strategic alignment to enhance candidate-centric recruitment practices.

Lars van Wieren, founder & CEO of Starred, says, “This is truly a merger of equals. When Daniel and I first met in Amsterdam, we found that we were both holding half of the pieces of the winning puzzle. We realised that we could go further together than either one of us could on our own.”

Daniel Birkholm, Founder of Talenthub and CEO of the new combined company adds, “By joining forces and becoming a larger organisation, we are leveraging each other’s strengths and opening up the possibility to provide our customers with the best of both worlds.”

“Together, we can provide a wider range of services and strengthen our existing offering.”


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