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Newly Launched Phones Engineered to Boost Workplace Communication Leveraging Award-Winning Technology


The new lineup features four distinct models, each tailored for specific user needs:

ForcePro 5: Tailored for customer-facing staff, this model boasts a large, adjustable screen, up to 45 Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys for superior call management, video stream support (e.g., door phone), and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth for broad headset compatibility.

WelcomeConsole 5: Upgraded for optimal switchboarding with a large color display plus two LED screens, offering up to 106 BLF keys (42 instantly accessible), this model simplifies handling numerous calls concurrently.

WorkForce 5: Designed for office workers with moderate phone usage, this phone features a vibrant colored display for easy monitoring of status, 21 BLF keys and a USB port for connecting either a WiFi dongle or a Bluetooth headset, ensuring a versatile work experience.

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Start 5: The perfect entry-level option for shared spaces, providing user-friendly functionality with 4 BLF keys and the ability to be wall-mounted for maximum convenience.

“In the fast-paced world of business where making swift decisions and staying seamlessly connected are key, Wildix is meeting these needs by introducing our latest desk phone series,” said Elena Kornilova, product marketing manager, Wildix. “With everything from the feature-rich ForcePro 5 to the user-friendly Start 5, we’re turning office communication into a crucial strategic advantage. Wildix isn’t just helping our partners to keep up but is enabling them to lead, ensuring their clients have what it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

This diverse range of phones is part of Wildix’s ongoing effort to redefine workplace communication, offering advanced features and unparalleled ease of use. Visit the Wildix VoIP phones page here for more information.

This announcement comes on the heels of Wildix receiving gold at the Merit Awards, further solidifying its position as a leader in the UCaaS industry. Wildix’s continuous innovation and dedication to quality have been recognized globally, setting new standards for communication and collaboration technologies.

For further information about Wildix and its award-winning solutions, please visit wildix.com.

About Wildix

Wildix is a global provider of unified communications solutions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses, especially in sales-oriented environments. With a strong focus on innovative technology and user-friendly design, Wildix aims to transform how businesses communicate and collaborate.


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