Pragmatic Communication for Remote Teams

23mar09:0009:46Pragmatic Communication for Remote TeamsInspired by TXI's Inclusion Cards, build trust, get buy-in, and continuity by “unlearning” the centralized model that had worked in person.

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In today’s remote environment, leaders are left to navigate the dynamics of managing teams in a virtual capacity. Communication among team members is more crucial than ever, but the path once taken has changed. Learn how to build trust, get buy-in, and continuity by “unlearning” the centralised model that had worked in-person.

In this series, Gayle Silverman, a client advocate, delivery leader, and mentor with over 15 years of experience in shepherding software development, support, and implementation initiatives, will guide digital product leaders through a series of workshops focused on how to reimagine how individuals and teams must adapt to today’s varied work environments.

By finding an alternative way to the traditional water cooler moments, you will learn to reject the premise that we have to be in person to have meaningful conversations and impactful progress.

While not required, these workshops feature Inclusion Cards. You may order your deck today here.



March 23, 2023 09:00 - 09:46(GMT-05:00)