Amsterdam-based e-scooter startup Dott partners with Jumio to trial digital age verification for its riders in Lyon



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There has been a visible spike in the adoption of micro-mobility-based travel platforms. This is mostly because it allows one to travel safely while maintaining social distancing during these Covid times. Amsterdam-based micro-mobility company Dott recently won one of the three spots to operate e-scooters in Paris. Now, it is running trials for a new-age verification for its e-scooter riders. 

Riders in Lyon can now try age-verification

Dott says its age verification feature is the first of its kind, which is currently being trialled in the city of Lyon. The feature is said to quickly check and verify if the rider is above 18. It is done via the Dott app, which performs identity verification by corroborating the true identity of a rider with ID capture and performing a quick selfie with “liveness check”.

The age verification feature has been under trial since October 26 in Lyon. Users in the city will need to undergo a digital age and identity verification process after their first ride in Lyon, as one can see in the video above. Until now, the service used a self-honoring declaration for users who could register for the service. Under the old scheme, users were notified if they weren’t of legal age to use the service – they wouldn’t be covered by automatic comprehensive insurance. 

Who’s powering Dott’s age-verification”

The new digital verification process for Dott is managed by Jumio, an AI end-to-end identity verification and eKYC solutions. The identity verification process used by Jumio leverages AI, biometrics, machine learning, liveness detection, and automation for establishing real-world identity of the users. Once compatibility has been established between the identity document and a person’s face, the corresponding personal data is managed by Jumio inline with GDPR regulations. 

Henri Moissinac, CEO of Dott says, “This trial is part of a comprehensive prevention and safety policy led by Dott so that traveling on a scooter remains a pleasure in a peaceful city!”.

The e-scooter micro-mobility startup Dott

Dott is an Amsterdam-based e-scooter startup that commenced operations back in 2018. In an exclusive  conversation with SC, the company’s co-founders Maxim Romain and Henri Moissinac previously revealed how the company plans to scale up and expand its operations. It currently operates 20,000 e-scooters across 14 top cities in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Poland. It raised €20M in seed funding back in December 2018 and another €30M in series A last year.

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