Amsterdam’s Labfresh raises €720K+ in crowdfunding to develop smart apparel to fight overconsumption



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Amsterdam-based Labfresh, a startup that aims to fight overconsumption by developing intelligent apparel that repels stains and odour, announced that it has raised €721,846 in a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs from 350 investors.

The Dutch company launched the campaign with a target of raising €500,055, surpassing it by 144 per cent.

Labfresh: Fighting overconsumption with smart apparel

Founded by Kasper Brandi Petersen and Lotte Vink, Labfresh is on a mission to fight overconsumption by developing intelligent apparel that repels stains and odour.

Developed in Switzerland, produced in Portugal, and designed in Amsterdam, these smart t-shirts from Labfresh are made of 100 per cent long-staple cotton.

The Dutch company uses FreshCore technology, a unique treatment mix that combines three performance-enhancing technologies in one – hydrophobic, antibacterial, and easy care.

The combination of these three properties allows our products to be stain, wrinkle, and odour repellent.

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The smart T-shirt repels water-based liquids like red wine and ketchup. In addition, it has moisture-wicking technology, which ensures that sweat is absorbed and spread out over the fabric so it can dry quickly while not being externally visible.

Labfresh is digital-first but has retail stores in Copenhagen and Amsterdam to increase new customer conversion and reach an audience that doesn’t like ordering new apparel online when they don’t know their fits and sizing.

In 2022, the Dutch company achieved a milestone by becoming EBITDA-profitable while experiencing 43 per cent revenue growth.

From January to April 2023, Labfresh witnessed an extraordinary growth rate of 97 per cent compared to the same period in the previous year, says the company. The company also claims that 78 per cent of its revenue was online in 2022.

Labfresh has 103,000 clients across 82 countries. 


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