UK’s BX Technologies bags €1.7M to make farming profitable and good for the planet



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London-based BX Technologies, an AI-based platform that enables retailers and growers to act in a climate-positive way, announced on Tuesday that it has secured £1.5M (approximately €1.71M) in a Seed round of funding.

The company’s CEO, Ben Bardsley, says that the funding will help in decarbonising the food and drink supply chain. Bardsley is a former army officer, injured in Afghanistan, turned fruit farmer, turned Tech CEO.

Bardsley says, “The strength of our proposition and our position in the climate tech industry has unlocked this capital raise in a very difficult investment market. Our momentum is steadily building with early adopters across the globe recognising their crucial position within this sector.”

“Restoring the planet for future generations”

Founded in 2020 by Ben Bardsley, BX Technologies helps retailers and brands to meet their carbon reduction goals for the years 2030, 2035, and 2040 by gaining access to primary farm data and using AI to provide farmers with crop- and field-specific decarbonising insights. 

This information is then surfaced to retailers, allowing them to create a supply chain that is friendly to the planet.

BX claims to transform the industry as food production is responsible for 37 per cent of global CO2 emissions. With technology and insights, BX can provide merchants and customers with information on not just how food is grown but also what influence it has on the environment.

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The company says, “Our technology takes historic soil data, combines it with farming practices and suggests ways to transition to regenerative farming successfully. We use machine learning to discover the most effective regenerative practices and create improvement plans for every grower.”

Consumers are given the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their purchases through the supply chain’s end-to-end environmental credentials and certified on-pack labelling.

Bardsley says, “I founded BX to enable food producers globally to be part of the climate crisis solution. Having been a farmer myself, I know the pain, struggle and effort it takes to put food on plates. This deep understanding of the food system’s complex problems provides the foundations BX needs to deliver on our mission of restoring the planet for future generations.”

BX says it is establishing itself as the ‘Experian of Farming’ with the ‘BX Score’, a single metric to gauge environmental impact, and is being adopted by the worldwide supply chain.

Investors in this round

The raised capital was a combination of a follow-on investment from existing investors including a carbon removal VC firm, Counteract and two US investors.

Matt Isaacs, managing partner of Counteract says, “The food and agriculture sector has a critical role to play in addressing climate change, however, they require technology to enable their transition to climate-friendly practices facilitating information about the impact of their actions.” 

“We have been impressed with the development of BX, Ben and his team in addressing this problem. There is no doubt that BX has the opportunity to be one of the big actors in this very nascent market,” adds Isaacs.


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