Coronavirus cripples supply chains, Italian 3D printing startup Isinnova steps up to save lives



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Coronavirus is a global pandemic that is disrupting lives all over the globe. However, outside of China, Italy is where the virus hit hardest with total confirmed cases of 27,980 as of writing this article. While residents of Italy are practicing self-isolation like responsible citizens, high infection rates are bogging down hospitals as it becomes difficult to keep up with incoming patients. A hospital in Italy was running out of a critical equipment, and a 3D printing startup came to the rescue. 

Isinnova 3D printed Venturi valves

A hospital in Chiari, near Brescia, was running short on Venturi valves, which are essential for a Venturi Oxygen mask to work. After reaching out, the Italian startup Isinnova’s founder and CEO Cristian Fracassi responded. As per a report, Fracassi took a 3D printer to the hospital and produced a few prototypes of the Venturi valves to confirm they work as intended. Later, he mass produced the valves for COVID-19 patients. 

“We were told the hospital was desperately looking for more valves. They’re called Venturi valves and are impossible to find at the moment, production can’t keep up with demand,” said Fracassi. “I’m not going to charge the hospital … It was the least I could do to help doctors and nurses who work all day long to save human lives.”

Global supply chains disrupted

Global supply chains have been disrupted due to the Coronavirus outbreak and it is not surprising to hear that even a critical healthcare equipment is in short supply. Earlier this month, Apple and Samsung shut down their factories in South Korea after workers tested positive for the novel virus. Most factories around the world are being shut down as cases of the new virus continue to rise.

Photo credits : Isinnova

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