Delft-based DuckDuckGoose ends bootstrapping streak; raises €1.3M to combat deep fakes



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Delft-based DuckDuckGoose, a startup that has developed AI detection software to prevent deepfake threats, announced on Thursday, June 14, that it has secured €1.3M in a pre-seed round of funding after bootstrapping since inception.

The funding round was backed by Shaping Impact Group, Ctrl+Alt+Invest, Aruma Ventures, Graduate Entrepreneur Fund, and Sander Kuijk.

“This achievement brings DuckDuckGoose AI one step closer to our mission of creating a digital environment where we can still believe what we perceive, thanks to our cutting-edge deepfake and GenAI detection technology,” says Parya Lotfi, CEO and co-founder of DuckDuckGoose.

The funding will enable the company to grow further and improve its software accuracy. 

DuckDuckGoose: Combating deepfake

Founded by Joris Mollinga, Parya Lotfi, and Mark Evenblij, DuckDuckGoose has developed AI detection software to quickly and accurately detect deepfakes, safeguarding organizations against potential threats.

It’s worth mentioning that a deepfake refers to a type of synthetic media created using deep learning techniques, particularly deep neural networks, to alter or replace existing content with fabricated content.

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These include altered images, videos, and audio recordings that appear real. 

By detecting these deepfake images, Duckduckgoose can prevent various social threats like social scams and the spreading of fake news and misinformation.

As deepfake technology advances, it becomes easier to create content for biometric ID verification. 

The number of fraud attempts using deepfakes increases as last year the number of detected deepfake selfies increased drastically from 0.02 per cent to 5.0 per cent, says the company.  

DuckDuckGoose AI aims to address these important threats.

The AI detection tool developed by DuckDuckGoose can detect not only traditional deepfakes but also content generated by generative AI models, such as Dall-E and Midjourney.

The company’s software provides a 1-second analysis with their API- integration and provides 100 per cent understandable results with 95 per cent accuracy. 

DuckDuckGoose AI will provide its software technology for governments, businesses, and individuals.

With customers such as the Dutch House of Representatives and DataChecker, DuckDuckGoose AI aims to cement its position in the AI market. 


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