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Mobility post coronavirus is expected to be a bit tricky. There’s a dire need for safe alternatives since people are wary of using public transportation or shared rides. A couple of months ago we reported about the Poland-based company Triggo S.A. which revealed its innovative electric vehicle, Triggo. The two-seater EV seems to be a perfect solution to mobility challenges post coronavirus and the company has now finished the work on its license offer. 

Triggo: A glimpse into the future of mobility 

Triggo S.A. developed its unique electric vehicle as a response to the growing demand for “future-orientated” urban mobility. The demand is on the rise in large metropolitan regions of Europe, Asia and the Americas, such as for autonomous robo-taxis and car sharing services. What’s unique about Triggo is that the car shares features of a regular car and a bike as it is a two-seater vehicle featuring a variable wheelbase. It takes up 1/5th the space of a standard passenger car. 

In development since 2015, Triggo features two driving modes to choose from: cruising mode and maneuver mode. The former enables cruising at speeds of up to 90km/h while the latter mode restricts speeds at 25km/h to cut through traffic, and park the vehicle like a scooter. 

With a variable wheelbase, Triggo can dynamically change its width to either offer more stability at higher speeds or to pass through heavy traffic in a manner similar to bikes and scooters, saving you time instead of being stuck in a traffic jam. Even though Triggo is a compact Electric Vehicle, it’s battery is said to deliver an impressive 140km range on a single charge. 

The company is aiming for commercialisation by 2021 and is in talks with major players across the industry that are operating on different continents. The company is also in discussions to license the manufacturing of its vehicles by third party manufacturers. Triggo was founded by Rafał Budweil in 2010, who is the founder and originator of the Triggo concept with a variable wheelbase. 

Compact car, big plans

Triggo is on its way to commercialisation and we can expect to see the vehicle soon hit the streets. Back in February 2019, the company closed its third round of private financing and soon after, the company’s vehicle was on the roads after obtaining a WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier) manufacturer code. On the topic of external funding, Triggo S.A., In a conversation with SiliconCanals, remarks that the company is currently financed by EU public funds and by individual investors. 

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Rafal Budweil, CEO and founder of Triggo, says, “We completed work on the pre-production version of Triggo earlier this year, and recently completed our offer for licensing the vehicle so we can begin serial production by 2021. We are extremely excited about the progress we have made with Triggo, which is at the forefront of technology and provides an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for improving urban mobility.”

Currently, the company is planning further steps in the commercialization of the product such as pilot batch production, further tests and foreign expansion, which obviously creates financial needs. While unclear, it seems like the company might be gearing up for another round of investment to fuel its accelerated growth. As for the Triggo team, the company directly employs 25 people and cooperates with many subcontractors. With the successive stages of vehicle development, hiring in the company is also expected to increase.

The startup is also aiming to commercialise in Asian countries, such as China or India. However, it also has expansion plans in Western European countries such as London. Before any of this happens, the company will be working on a test basis with probably local operators of car-sharing platforms.

Main image credits: Triggo

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