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The Netherlands-based HoSt Groep, a company that offers bioenergy technology portfolios, announced on Tuesday, February 7, that it has acquired Arnhem-based HyGear (subsidiary of Xebec Adsorption) to strengthen and expand its renewable gas portfolio with hydrogen technology.

Established in 2002, HyGear has developed modular steam methane reforming (SMR) technology and electrolysis for the production of hydrogen for use in the glass, semiconductor, food and beverage, and transportation sectors.

In 2020, Xebec Adsorption Inc., a global producer of renewable energy solutions with headquarters in Canada, acquired HyGear, continuing its aim to establish a reliable and accessible source of green hydrogen.

Aim of this acquisition

The companies say that the partnership with HoSt generates technological, expertise, and innovation synergy. HoSt claims to be one of the few organisations with an established track record in hydrogen generation with more than 50 project references globally. 

The current bondholders will also receive a stake in HoSt and depositary receipts for shares in HyGear.

By combining their respective technologies, HyGear will be able to move into the next stage of expansion and HoSt will be able to offer a comprehensive and competitive solution for diverse renewable gas technologies as a full-service technology supplier.

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Jelle Klein Teeselink, CEO of the HoSt Group, says, “The combination of these companies leads to a bundling of our own, complementary energy technology sources, which stimulate decarbonisation and energy transition.”

“It provides a fundamental knowledge base, reinforcement and direction for the indispensable acceleration of the development and application of sustainable gases and hydrogen in different markets and geographies. It also provides us with a strong footprint in Asia through its Singapore facility,” adds Teeselink.

HoSt’s portfolio includes carbon-neutral and carbon-negative clean energy technologies for distributed production of renewable gas, renewable heat, and renewable energy. It also offers carbon capture technology, a complementary pairing with HyGear’s SMR technology.

Anaerobic digestion of organic waste and biogas processing can provide sustainable natural gas, which can then be transformed into renewable hydrogen with a carbon-negative carbon footprint. 

The hydrogen revolution and sustainable gases, which reduces fossil fuels with high emissions, support an economy and energy system with low CO2 emissions.

About HoSt Groep

In 1991, Holec Projects and Stork, two energy system providers, formed a joint venture that resulted in the creation of HoSt Groep. HoSt has developed into a market leader in the bioenergy sector for converting waste into sustainable energy and useful byproducts.

The firm says, “We engineer, build, and maintain bioenergy systems producing sustainable energy and valuable end-products from residual streams, driving the biggest challenge of our generation: the energy transition.”

The company claims to have constructed more than 400 bioenergy systems in more than 30 countries, the oldest facilities of which have been in use for more than 20 years. 

Currently, HoSt has a team of over 375 employees with offices in the US and Europe.


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