Amsterdam’s MyWheels, Eindhoven-based Amber come together to boost shared mobility



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Amsterdam-based car-sharing company MyWheels announced on Thursday that it has joined forces with Eindhoven-based Amber, a data-driven technology expert in the field of shared mobility.

The goal of this partnership is to significantly lessen mobility’s negative effects, particularly its effect on the environment and the climate.

Investor and shareholder, The Sharing Group (TSG), also wants to use the power of sharing to make more social impact and less climate impact. TSG operates in various markets with a focus on tech, energy and mobility. Starting in the Netherlands, the firm is steadily expanding to the rest of Europe.

Aim of this partnership

The two entities coming together means that technology and scale will ensure that people always and everywhere have immediate access to a shared car. The new combination’s motto is ‘Sharing becomes having better’. Developments like autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and the energy transition are also crucial catalysts.

MyWheels CEO, Karina Tiekstra, says, “By joining forces with Amber, we are creating the mobility system of the future. Together, we can accelerate the transition from car ownership to car use and thus increase our impact. By combining the strengths of both organisations, we’ll be able to offer our customers a better service. We’re making shared mobility accessible to everyone. It’s becoming mainstream.”

Amber founder, Hans de Penning, says, “Amber and MyWheels are creating the mobility system of the future. We’re going to refine and perfect our software; our demand-driven shared mobility is becoming an inevitability.”

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About MyWheels

MyWheels claims to be a market leader in the Netherlands in the field of shared car mobility with 240,000 users. The company has the largest range of (electric) shared cars in the Netherlands and will expand this with 5,000 Lightyear Solars, among other vehicles. MyWheels amplifies growth through a community-driven approach. 

The company is convinced that only 1 million cars are needed to keep the Netherlands mobile. Each shared car saves 11 privately owned cars. In this way, the provider creates more space on the street, more space for greenery, and makes an important contribution to CO2 savings. 

According to a statement, the growth of MyWheels has resulted in 22,500 fewer cars on the road in 2021 alone. That corresponds to 55 football fields in space savings due to fewer parking spaces on the street. In addition, 1,500,000 kg of CO2 has been saved, which amounts to about 60,000 trees. In this way, MyWheels makes it easy for the whole of the Netherlands to contribute to a better climate and more liveable cities.

About Amber

Founded in 2016 by Hans de Penning, Merien ten Houten and Steven Nelemans, Amber provides guaranteed on-demand mobility at all times, and is developing an electric car specifically designed to be shared.

The company is largely active in the B2B market, with customers such as ABN Amro, Essent, Philips and Randstad. It claims to unburden its customers with a high service level, including Valet Service.


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