King’s Day 2019: 5 great apps that will help you to make most out of Netherland’s National Festival

King’s Day 2019: 5 great apps that will help you to make most out of Netherland’s National Festival

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King’s Day is almost here! For those who are not aware, April 27, every year is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The day is celebrated to mark the birth and crowing of King Willem-Alexander. The Dutch royal family bears the name — House of Orange — which literally means the color orange. As a result, it is Holland’s national color and everyone on Kingsday wear orange color clothes and accessories and party like it’s the last day on planet earth.

Everything is allowed during the celebration of King’s Day in the Netherlands! It’s a crazy celebration, especially in Amsterdam, when the whole city comes on the roads and the canals donned in orange. There will be fun parties, flea markets, live music festivals, boat parties and a lot more. The streets are packed with locals and tourists, mostly drunk and having a great time.

So if you’re planning to celebrate King’s Day and do party hopping with your friends or alone, here are some startups which have come up with really useful mobile applications to update you will all sorts of information and help you if you’re lost at any point of time, in the city party.

While every year lots of applications are introduced and updated for the people attending Koningsdag (King’s Day), here are the five most useful apps which Silicon Canals has selected especially for its readers, planning to have the most awesome time of their life at the National Festival of the Netherlands. Take a look!

#1 Woov

Available for both iPhone and Android users, Woov is one of the best apps to locate the most happening parties, flea markets or very essential a toilet near you and its one of the most useful app if you’re planning to celebrate King’s Day in Amsterdam. This app also offers real-time access to King Willem-Alexander-and the royal family during their walk through the city of Amersfoort. There is also an interactive map which can help users locate their friends nearby. It’s a free app and must download!

“That the king and his family use Woov at King’s, we obviously find super chunky. It marks a new phase for our already fast-growing platform, “said Irfan van Ewijk, one of the founders of Woov.

Free: Android link | iPhone link

#2 Find My Phone

As the streets and canals are so crowded, it will be advisable to download find my phone app on your smartphones to avoid pickpocketing and even it will be easier for the police to track the theft.

Free: Android link | iPhone link

#3 Tikkie

The Dutch payment app will be very useful for the King’s day if you’re going to party with your friends and family. This is a free app and is mostly used share party, dinner, festival bills. It’s available for both, iPhone and Android.

Free: Android link | iPhone link

#4 Partywith (Partywithlocal)

It’s a free app with the aim of connecting people who want to party. It changed its name from Party with a Local to PartyWith in October 2017 to better reflect all its use cases. It’s one of the best apps to make new friends on King’s Day in the Netherlands.

Free: Android link | iPhone link

#5 Vrijmarkt

With the Vrijmarkt App users can arrange payments as a private market trader. Consumers without cash money can pay for mobile via iDEAL. The seller can make a payment request in the app via a QR code. The buyer can then scan the QR code, check and pay for the request. It will be helpful for those putting up bargain markets during King’s Day.

Free: Android link | iPhone link

Hope these apps help you to make the most out of the festival. Happy King’s Day!

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