Dutch-based Powall raises €3M to advance sustainable energy materials with ultra-thin coating tech



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Delft-based Powall, a company that offers R&D services and IP licensing on scalable production of nanostructured materials, has secured €3M in a follow-up investment round.

The funding came from existing investors Sandwater and Invest NL, joined by EIT RawMaterials.

Powall’s ultra-thin coating technology

Founded in 2014, Powall enhances energy transition materials with ultra-thin coatings, making them better, cheaper, and more eco-friendly. The company develops and produces these materials on a large scale.

“Powall offers research and development services to develop coated powders, at both lab and pilot scales, ranging from a few grams up to kilograms with our patented continuous production technology,” says the company.

Using its reactor, Powall improves powders for sustainable technologies like batteries and fuel cells. They achieve this through atomic layer deposition (ALD), a precise coating method. ALD enables better catalysts, longer-lasting batteries, and controlled medicine release. 

By improving battery stability and lifespan, the company helps partners create efficient cathodes and anodes, reducing waste, saving costs, and promoting a greener planet.

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Capital utilisation

The proceeds will help Powall to bring its next-generation Operio reactor to market.

Dr. Roderik Colen, CEO of Powall, says, “This will allow us to accelerate the development of our nano coating proposition. A welcome addition next to the already commercially available industrial pilot production unit for active battery materials.”


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