Dutch ‘Proof of Presence’ startup TicTag raises around half a million funding with new investors



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In a recent development, Arnhem-based Smart Tag startup TicTag has signed a new funding deal of around €500K for future developments. The Dutch tech startup has secured the investments for the finalisation of the 2.0 Smart Tag and further commercialisation together with their partners.

Pieter Heersink officially announced the funding on his LinkedIn page and said, “We are happy to welcome Arjan Grootenboer and Willem Akkersdijk as new investors and are looking forward to the cooperation. We are sure their network and expertise will give a boost to TicTag’s growth.”

Further, when contacted, Heersink also informed Silicon Canals, “the latest funding will help us to finalise our new product and we are also starting several pilots projects in the retail industry. We are currently working with partners in the industry and engineering including Capptions and Ureason and Xeelas.”

In addition, TicTag also collaborated with Curacao-based fintech and cybersecurity startup Stampwallet, which will be providing retailers with a platform for them to create their own stamp card.

For the uninitiated, the tech startup has developed a multitouch smart tag like a stamp that can create a connection between the offline world and smartphones or any touch device via hidden Multitouch Fingerprint. Security is high because the physical touch proves the user’s presence at a certain product or object was the Smart Tag is integrated into.

Founded in 2015 by Pieter Heersink, TicTag aims to help people to perform their daily activities without the hassle of taking their wallets, keys or cards with them. The company is currently targeting at retail, leisure, and engineering and will also focus on security, automotive and payments in the near future.

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Earlier, TicTag has already raised €300,000 in a seed round from a group of informal investors, HighTechXL and Greven Investments.

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