Fairphone 2: Sustainable smartphone from Dutch startup is out of stock, Fairphone 3 coming soon?



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In an official announcement, Dutch sustainable smartphone startup Fairphone has confirmed that all of its Fairphone 2s have now officially sold out on its website, with only a few devices still available via resellers and a final batch of refurbished units coming soon.

Launched in 2015, the Fairphone 2’s continued sales over the past 3 years and 9 months and proved that there is a clear demand for sustainable smartphone devices. The company a given strong signal to the wider electronics industry that there is a growing market of conscious-consumers. The Amsterdam-based company has also confirmed that the sales of the Fairphone 2 will now cease.

Even though the Fairphone 2 won’t be sold on Fairphone’s webshop anymore, Fairphone will continue to support the Fairphone 2 to enable users to keep their phones as long as possible. It has therefore stockpiled spare parts, aiming to keep them available for a minimum of three years after the last device is sold. The company’s customer support will also continue to deal with all smartphone related questions and troubleshooting.

As the only phone on the market with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset to upgrade to Android 7, Fairphone is determined to continue inspiring the industry towards long-lasting design. The company has dedicated resources working on the further development of Android 7 with the aim of providing security patches and bug fixes and is also investigating the possibility of doing another Android upgrade to a higher version.

Fairphone 2: Groundbreaking tech!

With Fairphone 2, the company took many steps forward, towards sourcing fairer materials, better working conditions, long-lasting design and improved reuse and recycling methods.

Eva Gouwens, Fairphone’s CEO, reflected on the impact of the Fairphone 2 on the electronics industry:

- A message from our partner -

The Fairphone 2 was a groundbreaking device, it was the world’s first modular, repairable smartphone, with a user-installable camera upgrade, two software system upgrades, and for which we were able to source Fairtrade gold and conflict-free tin, tungsten and tantalum. Together with our community, we’ve shown the world that there is a fairer way and that there is a market for more sustainable electronics. We’re now focussing on our next steps in making more sustainable electronics the industry norm.

Fairphone 3, successor incoming?

Fairphone is now preparing for its next big steps, focusing on its product roadmap and the development of a new product. At the same time our folks at Sprout reported that press spokesperson of Fairphone, Fabian Hühne informed them “that Fairphone is indeed working on a new edition of the Fairphone.

Only what exactly it will be called is still unknown. The product can be named ‘Fairphone 3’, but another name is also one of the options, according to the press spokesperson.”

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