With €500K, French greentech startup Energic wants to gamify the process of sustainable development via smartphone

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French startup Energic, created in May 2016 by Alexis Delepoulle, Tristan Reneaume and Quentin Oustelandt, is developing a digital tool in the form of an app to raise employee awareness and engagement in the environmental performance of the companies and schools throughout France.

Now recently, the ‘GreenTech’ startup based in Lille (Euratechnologies – Village by CA Nord of France) has raised €500,000 to accelerate its growth in the service of the environment. The funding was led by Crédit Agricole Nord de France and managed by Nord Capital Partenaires and Damien Deleplanque (former CEO of ADEO) and Marc Reneaume (formerly DGA Veolia Eau France). With this fund, the company is planning to expand its operation and grow internationally by 2020.

Community-based energy challenge!

For the uninitiated, Energic’s app allows businesses, schools, communities, to set up fun and community-based energy challenges with the aim of achieving energy savings while strengthening the social link between users.

Dedicated teams will be rewarded!

Consequently, the most committed team will be awarded Eco-friendly stuff like football in recycled cardboard, a donation to associations, or tree planting. Until now, around 200 teams have taken up the challenge with over 100,000 eco-friendly activities happening all around.

Reduction in carbon footprint for real!

Notably, a lot of companies and authorities have experienced a reduction in their carbon footprint. To be more specific, several companies and authorities like Orange, EDF, IDEX, the Catholic University of Lille, and the city of Boulogne Billancourt have accepted the challenge.

Françoise Maurange, Assistant Regional Director in charge of HR at IDEX, said, “We have already changed plastic cups for mugs, then plastic bottles and double-sided prints, and we will surely adopt Energic’s recommendations for the Christmas tree.”

Moreover, the company is planning to launch a specific challenge for office supplies for recycling and eco-friendly supplies.

Expanding energy-focused services!

“In 2019, the team aims to broaden the awareness of sustainable development of more than 300,000 people in companies, local authorities and schools across France, thanks in particular to the new version of the mobile app and our network of partners,” said Quentin Oustelandt, co-founder and Head of Operations at Energic.

If all goes well according to the plan, the company will be doubling its workforce and expand its previously energy-focused service to print, waste, and mobility as well.

“Our ambition is to give everyone the means to act on behalf of the environment, to demonstrate that this is within the reach of all, and to motivate as many people as possible to act daily. We also plan to deploy the Energic solution internationally by 2020.”

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