10 Dutch AI startups that got the highest funding in 2019 so far

10 Dutch AI startups that got the highest funding in 2019 so far

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2019 has been an eventful year for Artificial Intelligence (AI) so far! While some misinterpret AI as an evil robot army that wipes out humans, it is a significantly important sector for Europe and continues to be a driver for economic development.

More companies are turning to AI to make the streets safer, shopping more targeted, and health care more accurate. Right now, a lot of startups are cashing in on the hype and the money that AI brings along, and undoubtedly, the startup ecosystem is poised to ride the crest of this wave.

Compared to their European peers, the Dutch companies are early adopters of AI and are competitive when it comes to the importance placed on new AI developments. A lot of investment has been made this year on startups in the Netherlands to create a better product and service. Here’s the list of 10 startups from the Netherlands that drew the most significant investments of 2019 so far.

Dashmote (Amsterdam)

Funding: €2.5M (July 2019)

Dashmote‘s artificial intelligence technology helps companies make complex decisions based on data gathered from images and text uploaded to the internet. Founded in 2014 by Dennis Tan (CEO), Matthäus Schreder (CPO), and Stefan Tan (CFO), the company’s platform is capable of analyzing the images and gain valuable insights.

Doculayer.ai (The Hague)

Funding: €3M (June 2019)

Based out of the Hague, Doculayer.ai is a content management platform that leverages AI to manage unstructured information. The company’s technology is capable of analyzing the content automatically, enhance the findability, and help enrich the quality of the documents.

Owlin (Amsterdam)

Funding: €3.1M (June 2019)

Founded by Bas van Ooyen, Richard Kraaijenhagen, and Sjoerd Leemhuis, Owlin provides real-time news analysis. The company uses the latest AI and machine learning technologies to monitor, analyze, and visualize more than 2.8 million news sources worldwide in 8 languages and all in near real-time.

CytoSMART (Eindhoven)

Funding: €5.2M (March 2019)

Based out of Eindhoven, CytoSMART develops and manufactures smart microscope systems for life science labs. Founded in 2012 by a team of biologists and engineers, these intelligent devices are powered by AI and cloud technology that would help biologists to make reproducible discoveries more quickly, which would be of benefit to humanity.

Finturi (The Hague)

Funding: €2M (March)

Based out of the Netherlands, Finturi is a blockchain startup, with a focus on help businesses grow by introducing a new way of invoice financing. The company platform helps business owners connect with financiers so that they can borrow money against invoices. On the other hand, it also allows financiers to invest in invoices and earn honest returns in a limited period.

Aidence (Amsterdam)

Funding: €10M (February 2019)

Founded by Jeroen van Duffelen, Mark-Jan Harte in 2015, Aidence provides radiologists with a software platform that automatically detects and classifies various disorders. Notably, the company uses deep learning to teach computers to read medical images and automatically provide structured reports.

I AM POP  (Amsterdam)

Funding: €2M (March 2019)

Based out of Amsterdam,  I AM POP is a messaging platform that allows artists or anyone else to interact with subscribers on Facebook Messenger by broadcasting messages.

Braingineers  (Amsterdam)

Funding: €1M (March 2019)

Based out of Amsterdam, Braingineers is an emotion analytics company that uses neuroscience technology and deep learning to enhance business marketing.

Contexta360  (Amsterdam)

Funding: €1M (April 2019)

The company helps enterprise organisations capture voice and video conversations across multiple languages, transcribing and analyzing them for compliance, effectiveness, customer experience, and more.  This platform helps customers build a 360-degree view of customer interaction.

Nori Health (Nieuwegein)

Funding: €602K

Founded in 2017, Nori is a chatbot coach for people that live with a chronic disease. The chatbot acts as a digital coach for people with IBD to help them improve their quality of life. Furthermore, this chatbot program provides unlimited conversations over a six-week period. Notably, it also maps lifestyle patterns and actively suggesting tailored changes.

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