Editorial Policy for Silicon Canals


Silicon Canals is a news platform that covers the latest European startup and tech ecosystem trends, innovations, and stories. Our goal is to inform, inspire, and connect our readers with the region’s most relevant and impactful news and insights.

Editorial Principles:

We adhere to the following editorial principles to maintain our journalistic standards and values:

  • Accuracy: We strive to report the facts with accuracy and fairness. We will correct any errors or mistakes transparently and promptly.
  • Independence: We maintain our editorial independence and integrity. We do not allow external pressures or influences to compromise our editorial judgment or decisions.
  • Impartiality: We cover all sides of a story and present diverse perspectives and opinions without favoring any particular agenda, ideology, or interest group.
  • Transparency: We disclose any relevant information that could affect the credibility or trustworthiness of our content, such as sources, conflicts of interest, or sponsored content.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our content and actions. We welcome feedback and criticism from our readers and stakeholders.

Editorial Process:

We follow a rigorous editorial process to ensure the quality and consistency of our content:

  • Editorial Team: Our editorial team comprises professional journalists, editors, and contributors with expertise and experience in the European tech and startup scene. They are responsible for producing, editing, and publishing original and curated content for our platform.
  • Editorial Calendar: We plan our editorial calendar based on topics, themes, and events that interest our audience. We also monitor the industry’s news and trends and adjust our editorial calendar accordingly.
  • Editorial Guidelines: We follow a set of editorial guidelines that specify the style, tone, format, and structure of our content. These guidelines maintain a consistent and coherent voice and identity across our platform.
  • Editorial Review: We review and edit every piece of content before publishing it to ensure it meets our editorial principles and guidelines. We ensure that it is accurate, clear, concise, and engaging.
  • Editorial Feedback: We solicit and incorporate feedback from our readers and stakeholders to improve our content and service. We measure and analyze the performance and impact of our content using various metrics and indicators.

Editorial Policies:

We have the following editorial policies to address specific issues and situations that may arise in our editorial work:

  • Sources: We use reliable and credible sources to support our content. We verify and attribute them properly. We respect the confidentiality and anonymity of our sources when requested or required.
  • Conflicts of Interest: We avoid any conflicts of interest that could compromise our editorial independence or integrity. We do not accept any payments, gifts, favours, or incentives from any sources that could affect our editorial decisions or judgments. We do not promote or endorse any products, services, or organizations we cover unless we disclose the nature and extent of the relationship.
  • Sponsored Content: We may accept sponsored content from advertisers or sponsors as long as it is relevant and valuable for our audience. It must not interfere with our editorial content or agenda. We clearly label and distinguish sponsored content from editorial content and do not allow any editorial input or influence from the sponsors.
  • Corrections and Complaints: We acknowledge and correct any errors or mistakes in our content promptly and transparently. We respectfully and professionally respond to any complaints or concerns from our readers or stakeholders. We have a transparent and fair procedure for handling and resolving editorial disputes or issues.


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