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The Spanish tech startup ecosystem grew this decade and this growth is underpinned by the education system, access to private and public funding, and the abundance of accelerators and incubators. Moreover, the government also came up with an AI policy. Earlier this year, the Spanish Government’s Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities released an RDI Strategy in Artificial Intelligence.

With a centralised AI strategy, several companies have started developing various projects. And, these startups have received funding to boost their business. Having said that, here we list some promising Artificial Intelligence startups in Madrid, the capital of Spain as sourced from Dealroom.

Picture credits: Smart Protection

Smart Protection

Founders: Javier Capilla, Manuel Moregal, Javier Perea
Funding: €6 million
Founded year: 2015

Why its hot: Smart Protection is dedicated to combatting online piracy and counterfeiting. The company resolves the online piracy issues faced by companies that own industrial and intellectual property rights and those that distribute content and products online. The Smart Protection platform detects and eliminates brand and product infringements by monitoring the web and capture the assets of a brand with the help of data technologies.

Picture credits: Keepler


Founders: Juan M. Aramburu, Adelina Sarmiento
Founded year: 2018

Why its hot: Keepler is a software company, which is specialised in the design, development and operation of software/data products based on public cloud platforms. The company operates with the mission to transform the data production model of customers and generate business value through the agile construction of data products. Its vision contemplates a near future where companies base their operations and decision-making on data.

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Picture credits: TAIGER


Founders: Sinuhe Arroyo
Funding: €28.2 million
Founded year: 2009

Why its hot: TAIGER specialises in Knowledge Work Automation solutions. It has developed cutting edge AI technology and deep expertise in large-scale digital transformation projects. TAIGER radically improves operational efficiencies and minimises risk at a relatively lesser operating cost. The company solution portfolio of this startup is based on state-of-the-art AI, which is easy to use and does not need deep technical expertise.

Picture credits: Jobandtalent


Founders: Juan Urdiales, Felipe Navio
Funding: €188 million
Founded year: 2009

Why its hot: Jobandtalent is a global leader in the fast-changing employment landscape and a digital temp staffing agency. The on-demand staffing marketplace intends to make the employment market more fluid and accessible with its proprietary job matching technology. Jobandtalent has developed a Workforce as a Service (WaaS) platform to provide flexibility to the labour market with Artificial Intelligence.

Picture credits: Nextail


Founders: Joaquin Villalba, Carlos Miragall
Funding: €11 million
Founded year: 2014

Why its hot: Nextail is a smart platform for retail merchandising. It has been developed by retail experts and ensures to deliver agile data-driven decisions that will meet the requirements of consumers. The company’s Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics let global retailers such as Versace, River Island, and Pepe Jeans automate merchandising and dynamic buying. Nextail supports four key decisions that every retailer faces such as buying, first product allocation, replenishment of stock and store transfers.

Picture credits: Zero1


Founders: Ernesto Corral, Jose Antonio Fernandez, Ramiro Martinez-Pardo
Funding: €110k
Founded year: 2017

Why its hot: Zero1 is a startup, which revolutionises SME financing. It is a Supply Chain Finance platform providing end-to-end visibility of all production cycle using a decentralised database, adjusting financial risk with its proprietary credit scoring model with Artificial Intelligence. The company helps SMEs thrive and grow in the industry.

Picture credits: Sentisis


Funding: €1.5 million
Founded year: 2012

Why its hot: Sentisis is an international corporate group specialised in Natural Language Understanding technologies for the Spanish language. They analyze and understand Social Media and other internal communications like surveys for their clients so that they can better serve and understand their customers when they talk in Spanish. They have a presence in Spain, México, Colombia, Chile and the US.

Picture credits: Triporate


Founders: Asier Vitorica, Ernesto Cohnen, Francisco Vieira, Sergio Orozco
Funding: €380k
Founded year: 2017

Why its hot: Triporate makes business trips easy, and provides efficiency and agility with Artificial Intelligence. The travel tech startup does not require users to download or install anything. It provides personalised service and traveller assistance as well. Triporate understands natural language via NLP technology and extracts all information automatically from the email. After analysing the options, users will receive a personalised proposal.

Picture credits: Wibeee

Mirubee aka Wibeee

Founders: Alex González
Funding: €900k
Founded year: 2011

Why its hot: Mirubee is a professional platform used for home energy monitoring. The process involves installing a smart meter on the electricity distribution panel, viewing the collected data on the Internet and finding out about saving opportunities. After being acquired, Mirubee joined Wibeee, which is also a Spanish energy tech company.

Picture credits: Sigma


Founders: Daniel Tapias
Funding: €50k
Founded year: 2008

Why its hot: Sigma aims to bring Artificial Intelligence to those companies that recognise the importance of being ahead of the curve while not having the desire or resources to build an internal team. The company specialises in pattern recognition and natural language processing technologies. It has developed a series of products providing data processing and identity recognition across a range of applications and solutions.

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