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Are you on the lookout for a new job at the moment? How exciting! There are some really cool companies out there looking for talent right now, so you’re in luck. We had a little look on our job board and noticed three companies in particular that seem to be on a bit of a hiring spree right now. We find that September is one of the most popular times of the year for companies to start hiring, so if you are looking, now is the time to act! 

Have a look at these brilliant organisations, and click through to apply (good luck)…


Thousands of corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit institutions across the globe rely on Everbridge’s software to help keep people safe and operations running during critical events. Terrorist attacks, active shooters, natural disasters, and cyber assaults are only some of the high-stakes incidents the company plans for every day—which is why employees take their jobs seriously. They are Everbridge’s greatest assets and play a significant role in building and owning the company’s culture. Talent, motivation, and drive go a long way at Everbridge. Promoting from within and swift advancement are just a few ways that passion is recognised.

The culture at Everbridge is very mission-driven. Employees are united in the company’s effort to keep people safe and businesses running through their emergency notification service. This collective goal pushes it to the forefront of critical event management and contributes to a team that is passionate about what they do. Everbridge sets its employees up for success from the moment they’re hired. The first week for new team members is all about getting acclimated to their new role and getting to know their colleagues. Week two, they join a global onboarding program to meet global new hires, leadership, and learn the ins and outs of Everbridge. Head over to their career page now and check out all the brilliant opportunities. 


Founded in 2013, Doctolib is one of Europe’s fastest growing healthcare technology companies. Everyday they strive to fulfil three entrepreneurial missions to improve the daily life of healthcare personnel, provide patients better access to healthcare and patient health and to build a team of entrepreneurs with humanist values. They are dedicated to creating useful solutions for healthcare personnel and patients, regardless of age, condition or location. They strongly believe in prioritising data privacy as they continue to build services with a positive social impact for the long run.

If you ask Doctolibers what motivates them and what appeals to them most about Doctolib, you’ll hear a lot of different stories that speak of commitment, resilience, caring, and a great atmosphere. Still, they are unanimous on a few fundamentals and thought you might want to know more before you apply. Whether they are looking for new talent or ensuring that Doctolibers are trained, informed and in the best conditions to make the best decisions, the People team takes care of all employees and ensures that they operate in a welcoming environment.

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Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is the world’s first human cyber readiness platform, which means they’re all about the people behind the screen. They believe that everyone in every company should stand prepared for every cyber threat, and they have built a platform to help organisations around the world achieve that. Their success would not be possible without the determination and hard work of their people, a collaborative group of professionals who build ingenious solutions. The Immersive Labs family, both in America and the U.K., is an optimistic, motivated, and friendly team that’s always growing. They are entering a period of hypergrowth and are looking to grow their amazing teams. 

At Immersive Labs, they shift the balance of power to humans in cybersecurity through their hands-on, challenge-based skill experiences. They’re developing technology and content that helps businesses increase, improve, and evidence human capability in their cybersecurity. You don’t need them to tell you that attacks and breaches happen. What’s most important is an organisation’s response, and that response can’t be put solely in the virtual hands of technology, automation, or artificially intelligent machines. The cyber humans of your business must stand prepared in the face of emerging threats.

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