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The editorial team of Silicon Canals is headed by Rahul Raj (editor in chief) and consists of various freelance writers and guest contributors. Want to know how to contact our editorial team? Click here. Or reach out to our publisher Remco Janssen to talk about partnerships and advertisement opportunities.
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    Karthek IyerKarthek Iyer is a tech enthusiast who found his calling for tech journalism after four years in engineering. He likes black and white photography and watches F1 on race weekends. He is currently senior editor and content marketing lead at Silicon Canals.
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    Rahul RajRahul Raj is a journalist/amateur photographer/storyteller/entrepreneur. He loves cheesecakes, puppies, minimalistic designs, mountains, travelling, and all things tech. He's currently the editor in chief at Silicon Canals. You can reach him via [email protected]
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    Remco JanssenFounder, CEO and publisher; so basically the man behind Silicon Canals. Former sports reporter turned tech aficionado. Active in the European tech and startup ecosystem since 2001. Pro-Europe, thus anti-national chauvinism, and capitalist with a socialist heart. You can reach him via [email protected].
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    Vigneshwar R.Vigneshwar is a tech journalist by profession, Wanderer by nature who cuts corners amidst his working schedule to visit places he hasn't been to. You can reach him via [email protected]
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    Vishal SinghVishal Singh is a news editor and social media marketing lead at Silicon Canals. He writes about funding, technology, M&A, and other developments happening across Dutch and European startups. Previously, he wrote for the digital media outlet Inc42. You can reach him via editors@siliconcanals,com