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The editorial team of Silicon Canals is headed by Akansha Srivastava (editor in chief) and consists of various freelance writers and guest contributors. Want to know how to contact our editorial team? Click here.

Or reach out to our publisher Remco Janssen to talk about partnerships and advertisement opportunities.

    • Akansha SrivastavaAkansha Srivastava previously served as Silicon Canals' Editor in Chief.A typical tech trend follower. Favorite job: analyzing the global tech industry. A true camera geek, gadget lover and a travel enthusiast.You can reach her via [email protected]
    • Dennis de VriesWrites about technology for as long as anyone remembers. Hangs out with Apple, Samsung and Sony, but is just as interested in the Google-killer you're currently building in your parents' garage. You can reach him via [email protected]
    • Editorial Silicon CanalsEditorial team of Silicon Canals, technology news from Europe. Always look over your shoulder, we might be right behind you. You can reach us via [email protected]
    • Remco JanssenFounder, CEO and publisher; so basically the end boss of Silicon Canals. Former sports reporter turned tech aficionado. Active in the tech and startup ecosystem since 2001. Pro-Europe, anti-national chauvinism, anarcho-capitalist. You can reach him via [email protected]
    • Shubham SharmaGrew up reading tech magazines and comic books. I binge on books, manga, movies, anime, and everything in between. Nothing makes my day like an innovative idea and a good tech story. You can reach him via [email protected]

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