How to contact Silicon Canals?

Silicon Canals is the leading English language startup news source for Benelux and Europe. We cover news, knowledge, and insights from the local tech startup ecosystem, providing a growing number of startups CEOs, scale-up founder, angel investors, venture capitalists, innovation managers, and other interested parties from the startup community with invaluable and indispensable information.

What does this entail? Our team writes about the groundbreaking Benelux and European startups, the (thriving) startup ecosystem, incubators, and accelerators. But we are also focused on government initiatives like StartupDelta, news from innovative scale-ups, and service providers enabling startups to scale faster or smarter.

Basically, we want to know what’s going on in the entire region. Our primary area of reporting is the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg), but let’s hear what happens in Germany, France, the Nordics, Central Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, or the UK, too.

Contact Silicon Canals?

Press release? Launch? Question? Bitch and moan?

  • Press releases, pitches, or other collateral in English. No PDF’s, but only in Word or inline text, please.
  • Email us in English, and English only.
  • We cover the Benelux and European startup scene.
  • Excluding Turkey and Russia, including international startups and tech companies coming to Europe
  • Please provide a team picture in landscape
  • Guest contributions appreciated, as long as they’re not blatantly self-promotional
  • Pitches and press releases, send them directly to the editorial team: [email protected]
  • Insider tip: follow theΒ Mike Butcher Pitch Format
  • Snail mail: Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 18, Bussum (the Netherlands)
  • For advertising or partnership opportunities, please visit “Partner with us“.

Do not reach out to us for stupid things like link exchange, SEO purposes, offering to outsource software development, infographic promotions, you know what I mean. This will result in “report spam”.

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