How to contact Silicon Canals?

Silicon Canals is the leading English language startup news source for Benelux and Europe. We bring Europe’s perspective to the technology industry, providing a growing number of startups CEOs, scale-up founders, entrepreneurs, chief executives from big tech companies, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity fund managers, innovation specialists, and the general public with invaluable and indispensable information from the technology sector.

Basically, we want to know what’s going on in technology in the entire European region.

Contact Silicon Canals?

Press release? Launch? Question? Bitch and moan?

  • Press releases, pitches, or other collateral in English. No PDF’s, but only in Word or inline text, please.
  • Email us in English, and English only.
  • Have a newsworthy headline, otherwise we may overlook your news.
  • We cover the European technology sector.
  • Excluding Turkey and Russia, including international startups and tech companies coming to Europe
  • Please provide a team picture in landscape
  • Guest contributions appreciated, but usely they’re boring so we reject 99% (sorry)
  • Pitches and press releases, send them directly to the editorial team: [email protected]
  • Insider tip: follow the Mike Butcher Pitch Format
  • For advertising or partnership opportunities, please visit “Partner with us“.


Do not reach out to us for stupid things like link exchange, SEO purposes, offering to outsource software development, infographic promotions, you know what I mean. This will result in “report spam”.


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