Startup incubator Rockstart officially opened up its shiny new headquarters

Startup incubator Rockstart officially opened up its shiny new headquarters

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Rockstart, the startup incubator originating from Amsterdam, has reached a new milestone. The company has finally moved and found a new headquarters at Rigakade 10 in the Houthavens. Houthavens is one of Amsterdam’s most promising new areas, being the construction site for many new apartment buildings, parks, and tunnels. But while the location has changed, Rockstart’s main mission has not. I met with Andrii Degeler, the Head of Brand and Community at Rockstart, to see the new building for myself. 


The move was already announced in July, but it would not be realized until at least two months later. A lot has changed for the startup incubator since then. This new building at Rigakade 10 consists of 2800 m2, with a lot of outdoor space, a substantial area for events, a so-called “flex-desk hangar”, meeting rooms and numerous startup offices.

Bigger and more practical

When comparing this new building to Rockstart’s previous location at Herengracht 182, Degeler stated that this simply was what the company required from now on.Degeler: “Herengracht 182 was an absolutely beautiful building with a historic background, but our company simply outgrew it. We needed something bigger and more practical.” The four-story building at Herengracht 182 used to be an old bank and has been Rockstart’s home for four years.

Building a community

The new location surely is very impressive. The former sawmill fits the company perfectly, offering a lot of space while still being small enough to give that sense of being part of a community. Furthermore, building and maintaining a community is what Rockstart is all about. Last Friday, Rockstart hosted a housewarming party at the new location.

Too large

When asked about the startups working at Rockstart, Degeler stated the following: “A lot of the startups that are currently working here have been doing so for multiple years. Lately, a couple of them left but only because the companies grew to be too large for us to maintain. One of those startups had been with us for three years, but because the company got so big, they had to look for a place of their own.”

Working spaces

Some of the companies that are currently working at Rockstart have been doing so for over three years. This means that, although Rockstart helps startups through funding and mentorship in their first 1000 days, the company can still provide these companies with working spaces afterward. As a result, these alumni Rockstart-startups could offer help to other startups which are still in the beginning stages. Ultimately, a true community of startups now exists at Rockstart.

The mission remains the same

Rockstart has been founded five years ago. And while the location has changed, the company’s mission has not. Its goal is to help people build companies better, but also faster. Now, the company has built a solid, international community of entrepreneurs who wish to reach their goals, but who also help others achieve their own. Rockstart helps startups be more successful in their first 1000 days through funding and mentorship. This is maintained through their Rockstart Accelerator and Rockstart Impact programs. And now, Rockstart has a building that will enable the incubator itself to grow even further as well.

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