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Fastned, a Dutch startup operates with the intention of building an extensive European network of 1000 fast-charging stations in the Netherlands. These fast-charging stations will be built at the A-locations in the motorway and in cities so that the electric cars can be recharged in 20 minutes on an average.

Launched in 2012 by Michiel Langezaal in Amsterdam, Fastned has 88 stations in the Netherlands and Germany. It is on the verge of expanding its network of fast-charging stations to Belgium and the UK.

Wins Swiss tender

Now, the startup has won a tender from ASTRA (Swiss Federal Office for Strassen) for 20 fast-charging stations. ASTRA is the federal authority that is responsible for the infrastructure of the road and private road transport in Switzerland.

This tender is important as Fastned can take the next step in realising a European network of fast-charging stations. ASTRA aims to offer quality charging infrastructure along the national roads in Switzerland. The locations for these stations will be taken up on a contract basis for 30 years. The tender is for 100 locations segmented into five packages of 20 locations each. These locations will be spread across Switzerland.

Fastned charging stations

Notably, Fastned uses 100% renewable electricity and all electric vehicles and access these charging stations. These charging stations use several 175 kW fast chargers that can be upgraded to 350 kW. These fast chargers can charge electric vehicles 100x faster than at home. The ultimate goal of the company is to give freedom to the drivers of electric vehicles and accelerate the adoption of electric driving.

Michiel Langezaal, founder and CEO of Fastned: “We are pleased that the Swiss federal authority makes these top locations available for charging infrastructure through a public tendering procedure, enabling us to invest in high-quality charging infrastructure at locations along busy roads. our network offers more freedom to electric drivers and that is what Fastned is all about.”

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