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Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has become one of the most popular locations for many companies due to its interesting events, job prospects, and esteemed academics. The Dutch capital’s startup scene is getting more and more powerful in recent years.

According to a report from Dealroom, a database company, the capital city of the Netherlands has already secured €698M so far in 2022, and the value of its startup environment has been rapidly increasing.

We at Silicon Canals, try to report on as many developments as possible, however, there are still many startups and scale-ups we have missed out on. Hence, today we bring you the list of those startups that raised funding in 2022, but we missed covering them. Certain details of these startups, such as founders’ names and the funding amount, have been sourced from Dealroom.

Check them out below.


Founder/s: Jens Visser, Merry van Heijningen, Ron Louhuis

Amount: €300K

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Grow-ID is a platform for any type of company or organisation where services are accessible at all times. The company wants professionals to develop on a substantive and personal level so that they can work autonomously within self-managing teams from their field of expertise in projects.

Freedom Internet

Founder/s: Anco Scholte ter Horst

Amount: €1.5M

Freedom Internet is an internet provider that claims to offer fast and stable internet connections via fibre optics and DSL, digital TV and calling and also fights for safe and free internet.


Founder/s: Jorgen Sandig, Ido Niesen, Chris Cade, Prof. Harry Buhrman

Amount: €294K

Fermioniq specialises in developing quantum computing algorithms and software. Currently, the company is in stealth.


Founder/s: N/A

Amount: N/A

TENWAYS are a group of cycle enthusiasts and industry professionals that are driven to create an e-biker community that will help the globe become greener and more sustainable. The company is on a mission to make the daily commute effortless, speedy, and fun.


Founder/s: Marco Alverà, Paddy Padmanathan, Alessandra Pasini, Enrico Vitali

Amount: N/A

Zhero specialises in developing projects for green and clean energy, including renewable energy, hydrogen and derivatives, interconnectivity, energy storage, and repurposing. The company aims to reduce energy production costs as opposed to margin growth to encourage the construction of new infrastructures while also steadily reducing expenses.

Sila Health

Founder/s: Babusi Nyoni

Amount: €25K

Sila Health connects people on any mobile device to help them pay for healthcare across Africa. The company claims to help thousands of Africans and their governments affordably bridge health gaps at scale and is connecting the continent’s growing telemedicine industry to its first billion customers.

Ivyclique AI

Founder/s: Anjan Purandare

Amount: N/A

Ivyclique AI creates custom content solutions for industries including e-commerce, health care technology, and education technology by combining human industry experience with technology.

Orbio Earth

Founder/s: Jack Angela, Robert Huppertz

Amount: €600K

Orbio Earth helps oil and gas companies reduce methane emissions. The company’s satellite analytics, fused with ground data sources, help asset operators and environmental engineers reduce methane emissions in a cost-effective way. 

Every four days, Orbio uses satellite data to collect photos of methane from any location on earth. It then reconciles this satellite emissions data with emission factor information to give more accurate emission standards for assets, businesses, and supply chains.


Founder/s: Omar Sheshtawy, Robin van Rijn, Luuk Verhoeven

Amount: €400K

Stippl is on a mission to change the way people plan their travel adventures. The startup aims to combine all aspects of travel, from locating transportation to locating accommodations. Stippl also wants to become the first planner to help its clients gain insight into their carbon footprint, while still enjoying adventures.


Founder/s: Jasper Gerritsen

Amount: €2M

Hiiper aims to help consumers save on groceries via a smart shopping list and personal deals. The company collects shoppers’ data on a large scale, cross-retail. Data from consumers about who they are, what they buy where and when, and at what price. With this, Hiiper builds the largest cross-retail consumer database in the Netherlands and uses it to create tools, insights and solutions for supermarkets.

Hiiper is a label of Effective Media & Marketing (EMM). The EMM umbrella includes 5 in-house labels, each of which specialises in a part of the customer journey for FMCG and retail. The labels include Hiiper (shopper data & insights), Chatback Company (smart chatbot tooling), Scoupy (cashback & shopper marketing), Effective Promotions (sampling, fairs, events and field marketing services) and ASK-Opinions (market and panel research).

BioScope Health

Founder/s: Luke Liplijn

Amount: $300K

BioScope Health has developed a 3D anatomy platform in augmented reality and virtual reality. Its multichannel cloud-based platform transforms medical learning and practice by enabling experts and students to examine the specifics of the human anatomy in 3D.


Founder/s: Gerbert Kaandorp, Glenn Brouwer, Jasper Wognum

Amount: €2M

BrainCreators is a provider of digital inspectors that perform visual inspection tasks multiple times faster than humans, removing a costly bottleneck in many processes for infrastructure, manufacturing, pharma, utility, real estate, and construction companies. The company’s platform transfers expert knowledge to machines to enable intelligent automation. It is built explicitly to train and employ digital inspectors as a hybrid cloud service or on-edge.


Founder/s: N/A

Amount: N/A

Booker25 is on a mission to help organisations maximise their efficiency, user experience and grow their business with its native Salesforce planning, scheduling and booking application.


Founder/s: Azi Doost, Nara Moripen

Amount: $110K

Pal is being developed to help families dealing with serious or terminal diseases, whether they are getting care for themselves or a loved one. The company claims to comprehend the challenges of providing or receiving care in a setting with little resources that have historically been overlooked by technology.

Northern Wonder

Founder/s: David Klingen, Bas Franse, Andreas Giel, Onno Franse

Amount: €1M

Northern Wonder is a food technology company developing coffee alternatives from ingredients grown in non-tropical environments. The company works closely with partners Wageningen University & Research and others.

Bright Union

Founder/s: Kiril Ivanov, 

Amount: N/A

Bright Union is on a mission to become the world’s leading decentralised insurance trustmark for the web3.0 economy (Cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Gaming). By aggregating and accelerating the entire web3.0 insurance landscape, BrightUnion claims to be ‘uniquely’ placed to offer easy integration to any dApp, wallet, exchange or metaverse and provide their investors with an extra layer of trust by offering the ‘best’ insurance policies on point of need.


Founder/s: Prof. Michael Vellekoop, Dr. Sander van den Driesche, Folkert Roossien, Ernst Elhorst

Amount: N/A

ALLERGIOS diagnoses allergies by visualising the allergic response from a person’s blood sample. Researchers from the University of Bremen, supported by colleagues at the Medical University of Vienna, have created a system and approach that may directly detect allergies by seeing the allergic reaction. The system consists of a disposable microfluidic chip, an optical reader, and analysis-running software. The test gives clinicians the required knowledge about a patient’s allergy status and enables them to promptly administer the most appropriate medication.


Founder/s: Max Verteletskyi, Vladimíra Josefiová, Ondrej Plevka, Tomas Bartak, Aakash Ravi

Amount: N/A

Spaceti’s mission is to transform and improve the management and operation of commercial real estate. Through technological innovation, the company enhances how people interact with their indoor environment and enhances the employee work experience while delivering measurable cost savings. Spaceti’s ambition is to become the top global player in smart buildings and flexible workspace technology.


Founder/s: N/A

Amount: €50K

Simplaw was founded with the intention of making legal document distribution simpler, safer, and more accessible for both Dutch and foreign clients.

FIGO Mobility

Founder/s: Joost Pompe, Basri Hoogstrate

Amount: $275K

FIGO Mobility is an online platform for renting mobility. It offers direct access to flexible mobility, manages mobility invoices, and automates onboarding. In short, Figo allows companies to manage all of their mobility easily and flexibly.


Founder/s: Claudine van der Sande

Amount: N/A

Xinvento (zin-ven-toh) aims to improve the lives of people with congenital hyperinsulinism. Congenital hyperinsulinism, often known as CHI, is the most common cause of severe, sporadic, and chronic hypoglycemia in infants and young children. Hypoglycemia (a ‘hypo’) results from an over-secretion of insulin, which causes blood sugar levels to fall dangerously low. The youngster may experience seizures, go into a coma, sustain lasting brain damage, or even pass away without receiving correct and prompt therapy to stop hypos.

With the help of Xinvento’s research and development, congenital hyperinsulinism patients will have easier access to contemporary medicine.


Founder/s: Matthew Westaway, Lethabo Motsoaledi

Amount: N/A

Voyc is an AI software that helps monitor and improves call centre quality assurance and agent performance. The company gives businesses the ability to examine 100 per cent of contact centre conversations, enhancing operational effectiveness, catching complaints, identifying susceptible clients, and providing top-notch customer service.

Lapsi Health

Founder/s: Jhonatan Bringas, Diana van Stijn, Seamus Holohan, Rodrigo Alvez

Amount: $600K

Lapsi Health is a Medical Technology development company that aims to change how auscultatory sounds are currently used in the fields of medicine and pharma-biotech. The medical definition of auscultation is listening to the sounds of your heart, lungs, arteries and belly (abdomen). The company’s products are built for doctors, patients and researchers.


Founder/s: Samiar Tehrani

Amount: $2.5M

Ratio aims to increase liquidity and De-risk DeFi so that institutional and ordinary investors can engage in these emerging markets. Currently, the company is assisting in unlocking and providing extra liquidity to the Solana (a public blockchain platform) ecosystem by allowing Solana users to earn income, take out collateralised loans, and realise the full potential of their cash, all through a user-friendly interface. Being the Risk Rating Agency for all of the Decentralised Finance is Ratio’s long-term goal.

Founder/s: Francesco Ciuci, Jack Wardell, Marc Gerard

Amount: $3M is a next-gen trading platform where traders can look for ways to ensure capital allocation or have access to a variety of trading instruments to put their assets in motion. The platform simplifies and makes trading available to everyone, without requiring a subscription.

Pro Parents

Founder/s: Joyce Knappe

Amount: N/A

Pro Parents is a healthtech platform that includes both, an app for parents and a dashboard for executives and HR. The programme provides young parents access to trustworthy information about raising children, planning for parenthood, and balancing work and family obligations. Additionally, parents can also schedule a meeting with qualified specialists or ask their queries straight to them through chat. The dashboard helps managers support young parents in their team and gives HR insight into the guidance. This allows HR to monitor diversity & inclusion goals and gain real-time information about the organisation’s performance.


Founder/s: Mels van Hoolwerff

Amount: N/A

Phatfour is Dutch crafted e-bikes. A concept for a stylish electric bicycle was created by three buddies who are passionate about automobiles and their design. The end product is the Phatfour fat bikes – electric bicycles with big tyres and a skail leather saddle.


Founder/s: Thomas Scholte, Devon Scoulelis

Amount: €170K

SOUS is a chef-to-customer platform that connects consumers with premium branded meal kits from their favourite restaurants and chefs.


Founder/s: Roel Boekel

Amount: €700K

Findest wants to close the gap between research and business by deploying 10,000 ideas within 10 years. The company optimises the cooperation between artificial intelligence and human intelligence for technology scouting in order to accomplish this. A technology scouting service is where the company’s engineers use IGOR AI to find technology leads that solve R&D-cases. 

The IGOR AI search algorithm uses natural language processing (NLP) to read and understand technological descriptions in scientific fields. This enables IGOR AI to acquire functional technological knowledge directly from scientific articles. Functional knowledge that can be used to innovate directly.


Founder/s: Christiaan Huynen, Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk

Amount: $595K

DesignBro is an online graphic design marketplace that only allows the “very best” designers to join and work with clients. According to the company, only 5 per cent of designers who apply to work on the platform are accepted, on average. This makes sure that clients always get the high-quality design they want. The chosen designers are from different parts of the world.

Customers can manage their projects with hand-selected designers concurrently on the cloud by employing technology to handle labour-intensive tasks. Besides, DesignBro keeps all files organised and safely saved so that the customer can always locate them.


Founder/s: Christiaan van Duren

Amount: $1M

Dexper claims to help enterprises to reach their global audiences with consumable, accessible and personalised content through digital experiences.

Vectis Invest

Founder/s: Ludovico Palladino

Amount: €120K

Vectis Invest claims to be the first open platform for investment that enables non-professional investors to access international markets, without conflicts of interest.


Founder/s: Joost Schulze, Michiel Lensink, Thomas de Leeuw

Amount: €4.2M

Ikbenfrits is an online mortgage company. The company’s smart software helps calculate which mortgage suits you best and which conditions are attached to it. The client also gets a dashboard where they can view and adjust all calculations.


Founder/s: Rick Pastoor, Emiel Janson

Amount: €2.6M

Rise is a next-generation calendar that helps find time for what’s important. The company’s Scheduling Engine integrates several signals from personal calendars, work preferences, and those of your coworkers. The engine is then able to rank and choose time slots that are most advantageous for all parties.

Lazy Vegan

Founder/s: Vincent Bosgraaf, Bas Dijkstra

Amount: €500K

Lazy Vegan is an Amsterdam-based brand that offers frozen ready-to-cook vegan meals. The company claims that the meals are made from 100 per cent natural and plant-based ingredients. Lazy Vegan adds that they are free from additives, gluten, and soy. The company aims to become the world’s most impactful vegan meal brand. 

PARO Store

Founder/s: Ruth Sutherland, Zoe Patience

Amount: €250K

PARO is a unique online marketplace that offers a wide range of independent design-focused brands. The brands are committed to driving positive change in the fashion industry. Based in Amsterdam, PARO was founded with the goal of balancing design and sustainability. This way, consumers don’t have to choose between morals and aesthetics.


Founder/s: Eva de Visser

Amount: €300K

Rouze is an online platform for women to read or listen to sensual stories. The platform provides stories in numerous categories, from romantic, teasing, and slightly erotic to super explicit.


Founder/s: Jules Shertser and Frank van Luijn

Amount: €350K

Twindo is developing a next-generation data management platform to help businesses that build and maintain wind turbines streamline operations and make proactive forecasts with AI.


Founder/s: Akshay Mahajan and Pallav Jha

Amount: NA

HomeCookd is an online platform that delivers authentic home-cooked food. The founders want to build an Airbnb of home-cooked food through this platform. Currently, the company employs around 15+ chefs, of whom 80 per cent are women. To date, the startup has delivered 700+ orders.


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