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The 7th edition of the World Summit AI (WSAI) is returning to Amsterdam, promising another exciting event.

Regarded as one of the most vibrant events on Artificial Intelligence (AI), WSAI provides a platform for AI experts and enthusiasts to connect, share knowledge, and grow together. This year’s edition promises to outshine all previous editions, boasting an even larger scale and an abundance of opportunities to engage with the foremost thought leaders and doers in AI.

The World Summit AI 2023 (WSAI 2023) will be hosted on October 11 and 12 at the Taets Art and Event Park in Zaandam. 

What is World Summit AI?

World Summit AI brings together a global AI ecosystem of enterprises, big tech, startups, investors, and Science. Some of the brightest brains in AI will be present as speakers and ready to answer and tackle some of the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda.

The event will also provide a platform for budding startups working in AI or using AI to showcase their products and businesses and seek funding. 

If you’re attending the World Summit AI in Amsterdam, check out the Amsterdam Pavilion (Booth B20), where 12 innovative startups and scale-ups will showcase their solutions.

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The Amsterdam Pavilion is powered by StartupAmsterdam, Amsterdam inbusiness, and Amsterdam Convention Bureau.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet these innovators and hear them pitch their solutions during the Startup Pitch Hour, which will take place on both days between 14:00 and 15:00.

Startups exhibiting on October 11, 2023

Check out the innovative startups that are set to take the stage on October 11, 2023

Reset Technologies

Reset optimises your mental and physical state by recommending tailored breaks based on your physiology to keep you in your ideal zone. 

Here’s what the company has to say:

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI?

“We are grateful for the opportunity to be present at WSAI and look forward to showcasing Reset to a wider audience. AI’s potential on health tech is huge and we are actively incorporating it into our product development.” 

Reset Technologies is committed to helping users manage stress and enhance mental resilience in their daily routines. The company aims to help users reset their minds and bodies, leaving them feeling more balanced, focused, and energised. The company has developed a physical product called the Reset Pod. 

Reset Pod is an immersive space that combines your data with scientifically-backed experiences. It offers short breaks that can help users mentally tune up or down based on their specific needs. 

The pod is designed to connect with the wearable sensor data, and it personalises the experiences inside the pod accordingly. Additionally, it provides quantified feedback on which interventions work best for the user making it a truly personalised and effective tool for mental optimisation.

What are you looking for at the moment?

Reset Technologies seeks technical expertise, development partnerships, and investors to accelerate its roadmap.


Sirius offers a full-cycle technology stack for Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs) to promote sustainability in the metals and mobility sectors, which are crucial players in the energy transition.

The platform addresses challenges CSOs face to drive sustainability initiatives, automates repetitive tasks, calculates ROI, and provides a detailed toolkit for easy implementation.

Here’s what the company has to say:

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI?

“It’s the place to be to hear from the leaders about the trends and how the industry will be shaped.”

What are you looking for at the moment?

Sirius is focused on finding mentors and investors with expertise in AI or building vertical SaaS solutions.


Zeta Alpha is a powerful Neural Discovery Platform that leverages Neural Search and Generative AI to discover and organise knowledge efficiently. 

This platform allows organisations to make informed decisions, avoid duplicating efforts, stay updated easily, and accelerate their impact at work.

Here’s what the company has to say:

What are you looking for at the moment?

Zeta-Alpha wants to collaborate with organisations interested in improving their knowledge and learning in these areas, to accelerate their advancement from the prototype stage to successful application.

Medical VR

MedicalVR combines medical expertise and VR technology to revolutionise healthcare.

Here’s what the company has to say:

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI?

“Participating at the WSAI is a great chance for MedicalVR to showcase how AI and 3D technology are helping support surgeons. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to present and pitch our groundbreaking innovation.” 

What are you looking for at the moment?

Medical VR aims to engage with industry leaders and raise awareness for its upcoming investment round.

Linear Logic

Linear Logic provides a one-stop-shop to develop and deploy AI solutions focusing on Geospatial applications with AI explainability as its key feature. Industries like the Dutch Public Prosecution Office are adopting the company’s ML model.

Linear Logic’s mission is to revolutionise the AI landscape by giving top priority to explainability. The company claims to have introduced an innovative canonical model designed specifically for deep learning in computer vision. 

“Our platform offers robust data management capabilities, making it easy to visualise and sift through vast amounts of unstructured data. You can enable real-time computation of model metrics, which facilitates effortless identification of edge cases. With a single, affordable, and scalable SaaS machine learning platform, organisations can now focus their resources where they are needed most and drive their core business,” says the company. 

What are you looking for at the moment?

Linear Logic wants to engage with industry experts at the World Summit.


Typetone helps professionals and businesses integrate generative AI into their content creation workflow.

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI?

“We are incredibly excited to be at WSAI. It is an amazing opportunity to present our product, Typetone, to a global community of AI enthusiasts, professionals, investors, and potential customers.” 

What are you looking for at the moment?

Typetone is currently seeking investments, partnerships, and collaboration opportunities.

What is your most important ask?

The company is extending an invitation to anyone interested in enhancing their content creation efficiency and effectiveness, or those generally intrigued by the latest advancements in AI. 

“We’re here to listen, learn, and adapt our solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs. Lastly, we want to emphasise that Typetone is more than just a tool – it’s a paradigm shift in the way businesses can create content, where they can combine human creativity with AI power to achieve truly remarkable results,” says the company. 

Startups exhibiting on October 12, 2023

On October 12, 2023, these startups will take centre stage, showcasing their groundbreaking ideas, technologies, and solutions

Mokin (formerly Switch AI)

Mokin has developed an AI-powered speech-to-speech translation platform that continuously breaks language barriers. The live speech translation app can be implemented in markets such as government integration and participation departments. It supports translation from Dutch and English to Arabic, Tigrinya, Farsi, and more.

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI?

“We are excited to be present at WSAI to showcase our initiative with the City of Amsterdam to 

enhance the quality of conversations between refugees and municipal employees while creating their participation and integration plan. By speaking in their native language, we aim to make them feel more welcomed and provide them with better services.”

What are you looking for at the moment?

Mokin is looking out for additional cities and municipalities interested in piloting their AI interpreter. They are also seeking Dutch-Arabic translators who are willing to assess user feedback on translations.


Orquesta is a no-code platform that makes programming unnecessary, promoting collaboration and efficiency within software teams. It saves engineers time, allows product management to maintain a clear overview, and enables internal domain experts to verify interaction accuracy easily.

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI?

“WSAI allows us, as the Amsterdam AI community, to showcase all the great companies and talent we have here and form a single front as an ecosystem.” 

What are you looking for at the moment?

Orquesta is in search of design partners interested in collaborating on cutting-edge AI and LLM use cases or integrating with complementary products. 

Additionally, with their recent fundraising, which has received support from prominent Dutch AI VCs and entrepreneurs, they aim to support Amsterdam in claiming its spot in AI and Tech.


Gelectric is specialised in electrical retrofit solutions for old vessels. The platform helps identify opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of the ships, in addition to bringing other benefits, including reducing operating costs, improving the fleet’s environmental performance, and enhancing the company’s reputation.

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI?

“We are very excited to be a part of WSAI because it is a great opportunity to showcase our solution to a wider audience of professionals. The exhibition is also great for networking with potential customers, partners, and investors.” 

What are you looking for at the moment?

Gelectric wants to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of its solution and simultaneously seek partners who can assist them in expanding its solution’s reach and making it accessible to a broader customer base.

What is your most important ask?

“My most important ask is for potential customers to try our solution and see for themselves how it can help them to improve their operations. I am also looking for partners who can help us to develop new features and capabilities for our solution.”

Gelectic wants its potential customers to try their solution and witness how it can improve their operations. Additionally, the startup is looking for partners who can assist in the advancement of new features and capabilities for their solution.


Alphadoc is a platform that helps product and development teams create great documentation faster. It is a developer experience platform with tools to help engineers at every stage of the customer journey, including documentation, sales, marketing, onboarding, and implementation.

What are you looking for at the moment?

“The software development industry is constantly evolving with the rise of large language models and AI. The emergence of AI copilots has made writing, debugging, and testing code easier, thereby significantly reducing the time to build applications. We are keen to engage with other industry professionals and potential customers interested in our developer onboarding and sales platform.”

Insight: People & Culture

 AI-driven people & culture platform fostering a human-first future of work.

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI? 

“We’re thrilled to be a part of WSAI, a beacon for AI innovation. Our mission aligns closely with the ethos of the summit: leveraging AI not to replace but to enhance the human experience.” 

Insight: People & Culture aims to blend technology and empathy, demonstrating that the two can coexist harmoniously. Through WSAI, they have the opportunity to build human-first cultures in the modern workplace.

What are you looking for at the moment? 

Currently, the Dutch company is actively looking for partnerships with forward-thinking, purpose-driven organisations. 

“We see them not just as customers but as co-creators, helping us refine and amplify our impact. These are organisations that truly care about being human-first and are pioneers in addressing the needs of the younger generations.” 

Further, the company is also approaching its fundraising phase with an urge to align with investors who share their commitment to balancing positive impact and financial sustainability. 

Additionally, the company is in search of individuals who are passionate about humanising the world of work to join their team and become part of this movement.


Skendy is a new AI-powered application that simplifies personal administration tasks and saves time. The platform lets users scan letters, extract payment info, and categorise them automatically in folders of their choice. 

Why are you excited to exhibit at WSAI? 

“Exhibiting at WSAI isn’t just an event for us; it’s an opportunity. We are excited to demonstrate how our new product can improve everyday lives. Interacting with the global tech community at WSAI will provide us invaluable insight and new perspectives to further perfect our work.”

What are you looking for at the moment? 

Skendy aims to establish strong partnerships with individuals and organisations who align with their belief that AI has the potential to guide humanity toward a more vibrant future. Additionally, they are also extending invitations to potential investors to participate in their exciting journey of innovation and discovery.

What is your most important ask? 

Skendy looks to secure investment at WSAI to strengthen its mission and earn recognition.

If you’re attending the summit, make sure to stop by the Amsterdam Pavilion and meet these innovators. Furthermore, on both days, between 14:00 and 15:00, you can hear them pitch their solutions during the Startup Pitch Hour.


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