Giulia Girardi

Giulia Girardi

I believe in challenging the status quo in order to have a positive and meaningful impact on our society. After living in Canada, Germany, India and Italy – where I co-founded a startup that failed, I moved to the Netherlands and worked in BimBimBikes as COO, right in time to kickoff its growth. I joined Equidam because it doesn’t passively adopt the rules of the private valuation market, but saw inefficiency and developed a technology to improve them. By working on marketing and growth, I ensure that we continuously go above and beyond to create value for all companies that deal with valuation.

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Scaling-up in Europe with EIT Digital

Together with our media partner EIT Digital, we have launched an online special on scaling-up in Europe and beyond. Why? We believe that scaleups in Europe have the future. We want to inspire these scaleups to grow in Europe by sharing news, knowledge, and experiences.

Follow the articles in this channel: Scaling-up in Europe or via the hashtag #scalingEU. Or find out more about the EIT Digital Challenge 2019 here.


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