Laszlo van Beerendonk

Laszlo van Beerendonk

I love to discover, learn, innovate, strategize and create. I am a hard worker and a reliable employee. I love a good challenge and I always give myself a hundred percent. Efficient, creative and enthusiastic are three key terms that do not only apply to my work ethic but to my personality in general!

Scaling-up in Europe with EIT Digital

Together with our media partner EIT Digital, we have launched an online special on scaling-up in Europe and beyond. Why? We believe that scaleups in Europe have the future. We want to inspire these scaleups to grow in Europe by sharing news, knowledge, and experiences.

Follow the articles in this channel: Scaling-up in Europe or via the hashtag #scalingEU. Or find out more about the EIT Digital Challenge 2019 here.


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