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In a current tech-infused era, many notable advancements that have drastically modified our lives. Autonomous vehicles are such an improvement. With this future proof technology, you can take an autonomous vehicle to work instead of waiting for a cab or looking for a driver.

The self-driving technology takes you from one point to another without a physical driver. It does not require any guidance from the passenger as well. This technology has been hitting the headlines for quite a few years and is under testing in some parts of the world. Multiple companies are working on the self-driving or autonomous driving technology to make it come to reality soon.

AutoX to launch robotaxis

AutoX, a Hong Kong and California-based autonomous vehicle technology startup is also working in this sector. It is moving from the grocery delivery business into the AV supplier and robotaxi business. Now, it is all set to take its business to Europe.

Founded in 2016 by Jianxiong Xiao, AutoX focused on using self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries. In August 2018, the startup kicked off a grocery delivery and mobile store pilot confined to limited space in San Jose. This move is a result of the partnership with and DeMartini Orchard, a local high-end grocery store.

Collaboration with NEVS

AutoX and NEVS have partnered to deploy a robotaxi pilot service in Europe by the end of next year. NEVS is a Swedish holding company and electric vehicle manufacturer, which bought the assets of Saab out of bankruptcy. This partnership indicates the broader ambitions of AutoX with regard to its autonomous vehicle technology.

Robotaxi pilot service in Europe!

As a result of the exclusive partnership, AutoX’s autonomous drive technology will be integrated into the next-generation electric vehicle that is inspired by NEVS’ InMotion concept. Notably, the InMotion concept was showcase at CES Asia back in 2017. NEVS develops the next-generation autonomous vehicle in Trollhättan, Sweden. The autonomous NEVS vehicles will be subjected to testing in Q3 2019 and will hit the European roads next year.

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Uses proprietary AI algorithms

AutoX is known as Professor X as its particular vehicle is suitable to be used as an autonomous taxi service. Professor X’s mission is to make autonomous vehicles accessible to everyone. The company uses light detection and ranging radar called lidar. AutoX relies on cameras with better resolution and uses its proprietary AI algorithm to combine everything.

Plans to expand rapidly

Last month, AutoX became the second company to get permission from regulators in California to transport passengers in robotaxis. In California, the robotaxi service from AutoX is called xTaxi. Other services that have received permissions are, Zoox and Waymo. As of now, xTaxi in California will be limited but the company is ambitious to expand its service. Also, the company is working towards launching another pilot service and is discussing with the San Jose government regarding the same. We can expect this pilot to be launched next month.

Robotaxi service in China

Besides California, AutoX has a permit to launch a robotaxi service in Shenzhen, China. However, it is not clear if this service will be operated on its own or enter some partnership. Maybe, AutoX might team up with BYD in China for the purchase as it is already working with the company to integrate its autonomous vehicle technology into BYD vehicles.

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