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The popular catering chain in the Netherlands, Bagels & Beans has taken a digital step forward towards mobile payment and loyalty platform. The company has recently announced the launch of a mobile application which comes with a unique loyalty and digital payment platform for the Netherlands (and Europe).

With the new Bagels & Beans app, the customers can now immediately pay for coffee or buy a gift card and send it digitally. Via iDeal, a digital gift card can be purchased from the Bagels & Beans app and sent to any recipient. The recipient will receive a deep link by email. After activating this link – and installation of the Bagels & Beans App – the credit will be credited to the account of the recipient. The same function can be used to place credit on the app of the user himself. Also, the credit can then be used to purchase products from all Bagels & Beans locations.

Further, the customers can automatically save points on each purchase in the form of hearts, that are further converted into surprises. Basically, the customers get points for every euro spent.

The app will be available for both iOS and Android users, Ronald Bakker, owner of Bagels & Beans said in the company press release, “We live in a time when the smartphone plays a central role in daily life. That is why it is logical that we, as an extension of our service, use the possibilities of the smartphone to serve our guests even better. For example, by sending them personalized vouchers, or having them paid through our Bagels & Beans app. ”

The Bagels & Beans data engine, built with Firebase / Google Cloud technology, serves as the basis for the platform. This engine is linked to the cash register system, and also to the apps. With these links, a lot of data is collected related to the behavior and preferences of the users. This will enable Bagels & Beans to send custom-made (voucher) campaigns, communication and activation messages to users.

Bas Jongerius, director of Fanly, said, “We have invested extra time and money to make the customer journey as well as the employee journey so that the entire system is pleasant and logical. Not only does this stimulate repeat use, it also ensures that guests and employees will really act as ambassadors. Ultimately, this greatly reduces the costs for the consumer’s unboarding. The investment in a complete platform ultimately pays for itself. ”

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Founded in 1996 by Ronald Bakker and Ninande Thio, Bagels & Beans now has almost eighty locations, including one branch in Germany with a desire to grow both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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