London-based VC Balderton Capital launches €362M early-stage fund to support outstanding European tech startups



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Innovation and invention drive the startup ecosystem around the world. Developing an idea into a flourishing business is not a child’s play. It needs a lot of things to be right starting from the leader, support systems, strategies, and of course, the funds at the right stage. 

VC’s fund plays a vital role in transforming the idea into reality by providing financial support to build a business. In this regard, Balderton Capital is a London-based venture firm focused exclusively on backing the best European-founded technology companies. 

Launched €362 million!

Recently, the most active Series A investor in Europe has launched a new $400 million (approx €362 million) fund to support outstanding European founders at this critical stage in a startup’s journey. With this fund, the company will be looking to invest in leading-edge technologies, as well as strong brands with demonstrable momentum. 

Bernard Liautaud, the Managing Partner at Balderton, said: 

We believe Europe has the potential to build the next generation of technology giants, and we are focused on helping brilliant founders fulfil that ambition. We are seeing more and more exceptional founders raising Series A in Europe. With today’s new fund, we want to build on that momentum.

Series A rounds in Europe have quadrupled!

As per the company claims, the number of Series A rounds in Europe per year has quadrupled since 2012, with the total amount of VC funding flowing into European startups hitting record highs last year – rising from €11.5 billion in 2014 to €24.6 billion in 2018. 

Liautaud added: 

- A message from our partner -

We know from our firm’s 20 years of European investment experience that Series A is a critical point in a startup’s journey — it’s a magical moment when they are reaching product-market fit, are poised to scale and have to make decisions that can affect their growth trajectory for years to come. Our whole team is dedicated to helping our founders tackle those decisions as they embark on their journey.

New fund will be managed by a team of 15!

The new fund will be managed by a team of 15 people across Europe. It’s worth mentioning that Balderton has employed staff members in Paris and Berlin to build closer relationships with entrepreneurs, seed funds and accelerators and support portfolio companies on the ground.

Current portfolio!

London-based venture firm’s current portfolio includes: 

Healx: Uses AI to accelerate treatments for rare diseases

The Hut Group: It has over 100 in-house health, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle brands 

Infarm: One of the world’s most advanced urban farming platforms; 

Revolut: A digital bank focusing on global spending and transfers

SOPHiA Genetics: Uses AI to generate clinical and genomic insights for health professionals. 

Attracted over $2bn!

Ever since its inception, Balderton’s portfolio has attracted over $2 billion in follow-on funding and now employs more than 18,000 people in over 50 countries around the world. Furthermore, the company has connected with over 7,500 European founders and invested in 26 new companies. At present, Balderton Capital has an active investment in more than 90 companies across 15 European countries.

Build platform!

The venture firm’s Build platform provides talent, marketing, finance, and legal services to support companies as they scale. On top of that, the platform connects founders and their teams to an active community of peers. The firm’s unique equal partnership model means every founder is fully supported by the collective expertise of the partnership. 

Image credits: Balderton Capital

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