Belgian startup Around Media raises €1.25M funding, lets people see their future homes in VR



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With a vision to redefine the real estate market, Around Media, a Ghent-based scale-up raised €1.25 million to launch its cloud platform Prompto, which connects designers, property promoters and building material manufacturers and lets their clients witness their future homes in virtual reality. Notably, the investment has been done by a group around Wim Verneave who had earlier invested in Byteflies, Showpad, Cloudalize, SweepBright, and Hello Customer.

Wannes Vanspranghe, CEO of Around Media said, “building promoters spend up to 10 times less time on customer guidance, and their clients get a much more realistic picture of their future home thanks to Prompto. “

Proptech integrates 3D and VR

Founded in 2015, Around Media offers innovative solutions through 3D and VR technologies for the real estate market in Belgium. The scale-up was started by Pieter Van Hoorne along with Wannes Vanspranghe and Arne Derynck and with employee strength of 35, the company now owns a long list of clientele, including Bostoen, Olste, Durabrick, Hyboma, Furnibo, and Infrabel.

Prompto: Game changer for real estate world

The cloud platform Prompto, a brainchild of Around Media, aims to bring all the stakeholders in the real estate market including designers, promoters, producers, and customers on a single dais. It will enable customers to take a 360-degree tour of their future homes in VR. The game engine of the platform is the same as Fortnite. Construction promoters may work with Prompto at €50 monthly per unit.

With Prompto, customers can design or modify the space according to their needs and demands. It will make customer guidance more efficient and provide flexibility to the real estate market. Further, designers and construction material manufacturers will have a better understanding of customers’ demands. In Prompto, designers can link their designs; create spaces involving the building materials and furniture already synced in the digital library. Moreover, they can modify the space in real-time along with customers.

At present, the building promoters have only a restricted solution based on 2D or 3D technologies. Prompto will steer the real estate market to overcome the barrier and offer a complete solution for a better customer experience in an economic manner.

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Coming to the Netherlands?

Around Media aspires to be the market leader in the Belgian real estate sector with Prompto. Further, it plans to explore the Netherlands and the United Kingdom market space in 2019. Meanwhile, the startup is expanding its network with developers, marketers, and designers.

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