Berlin-based mobility startup Unu introduces slick second-gen electric scooter: Three things to know about it



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In this day and age, there are countless ways to commute in a city. However, e-mobility is one of the most preferred ones since cities are now conscious about reducing the amount of pollution being generated. Since going green is clearly a trend that is not going out of fashion anytime soon, the Berlin-based mobility startup Unu has announced its second-generation of unu scooter that not only looks slick but also features multiple smart technologies. Here are five things one needs to know about it

Second generation unu electric scooter

The new unu scooter was designed by the company in Berlin and is engineered in Germany, in collaboration with one of the leading technology university RWTH Aachen. Additionally, unu has partnered with BOSCH, LG and other companies in Germany. The battery cells used on the scooter are made by LG, while BOSCH develops its powertrain and provides service for it. Internet connectivity on the scooter is delivered by Vodafone, tires are by Heidenau and it is tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland.


The vehicle comes equipped with portable batteries that can be charged via a regular power outlet. It is said to deliver a range of up to 100k on a single full charge and there’s also storage space beneath the seat. This modern day scooter can be unlocked using with a keycard and will receive more features in the future via Over-The-Air software updates.

The unu app

The tech-infused second generation of unu scooter is aimed at making things easier for users of the scooter. One can use the unu app to pair with their vehicle and know its location and charging status. In case their scooter is moved without the user being present, theft protection kicks in and the owner is notified via the unu app.

The app also takes care of navigation, which is displayed via the integrated display. This means one need not use their phone while driving or juggle between different apps to know the status of their scooter and at the same time be worried about going in the right direction. While there’s a keycard to start the new unu scooter, the app also features a digital key that can do the same.

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A user can also share the digital key with friends, family and in the neighbourhood via the unu App. “This paves the way for micro-sharing for the first time. This way we’re introducing a new scooter usage model for urban mobility. However, networking in a small group is only the beginning”, says Elias Atahi, the co-founder and CXO of unu.

Availability and Pre-order

The second-generation of unu scooter is priced starting at €2,799 and is now up for pre-orders. Early birds can avail some benefits like a 100€ discount on the scooter, a free helmet and an additional third year of warranty. Additionally, those who order now will receive the vehicle from the end of August 2019 and it will be ready to ride with number plate and insurance. The new unu scooter will be available in three models and seven colour options and its regular sales are slated to commence in August. The new scooter replaces the previous unu Scooter Classic, which is only available for a few more weeks.

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