Dutch clean energy storage systems provider Big Ass Battery raises growth funding from YARD ENERGY



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Netherlands-based Big Ass Battery, a high-tech scale-up that creates and manufactures energy storage systems, announced that it has raised equity growth funding from YARD ENERGY Group. The investment amount has not been disclosed.

As per YARD ENERGY’s website, it typically commits between €500K and €2.5M, and targets Series A and B equity rounds.

According to a statement, both Dutch companies are crucial to the energy shift. With years of expertise in the planning and execution of wind energy projects, YARD ENERGY has gained a portfolio of scale-up investments that are crucial to the energy shift.

With this deal, Big Ass Battery is moving closer to reaching its objective of growth and, after being founded two years ago, is now ready to expand.

Lex Roukens, Partner YARD ENERGY Group, says, “We are impressed by the ambitions of the management team and their thorough understanding of battery technologies.”

“Their in-house development of cutting-edge energy storage systems and an appealing customer base, coupled with their strong commercial capabilities, give us confidence that Big Ass Battery is poised to emerge as a top international contender in the energy storage sector.”

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“We look forward to working with the highly motivated management team and majority shareholder Hidden Gems Capital,” adds Roukens.

What does Big Ass Battery offer?

Founded in 2021 by Guido de Jong, Big Ass Battery offers portable, clean energy storage devices for use off-grid at building sites, major gatherings, or for the heavy-duty charging of electric vehicles.

Big Ass Battery also targets commercial buildings, the farming industry, and solar parks that want to store solar energy and/or cause grid congestion, and as a result, want to exchange energy on different markets.

Additionally, the company also provides grid strengthening services for commercial buildings with inadequate grid connections.

Big Ass Battery claims it sets itself apart with its ‘innovative’, completely in-house made energy storage systems. Due to the modular construction of the systems and software, the company says its products are smart, reliable and safe.

“Our battery systems are compact 10-foot containers with modern high-quality batteries. Using the best LFP batteries (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate), our energy storage systems are fundamentally safe and last longer than the most commonly used lithium-ion batteries,” says the company.

The product line of Big Ass Battery ranges from tiny mobile battery systems with 60 KW of power and 50 kWh of storage space to 10-foot containers with 1020 KW of power and more than 1 MWh of storage space, which can be attached to one another to create an infinite amount of storage space.

Speaking on YARD ENERGY, Guido de Jong says, “The extensive knowledge and experience that YARD ENERGY brings to energy projects and the energy transition is a valuable addition to our ambition and vision to make sustainable and safe battery technology available.” 

“Thanks to the participation of YARD ENERGY, we can expand our market position even further and grow faster. This enables Big Ass Battery to further expand its production capacity and make the product range available to a larger target group. A great step in supporting the energy transition.”

About Yard Energy investments

YARD ENERGY, which completed more than 400 MW of onshore wind projects in the Netherlands, Finland, and Poland, was one of the biggest private wind energy producers and investors in the Netherlands until 2021. 

With an emphasis on the energy shift, YARD ENERGY claims to have been making smart investments in businesses and initiatives since 2020. The initial fund comprises 10 distinct investments and is completely self-financed. 

A follow-up energy transformation fund is currently being introduced. Starting in the second quarter of 2023, outside parties will also be invited to contribute to this fund alongside YARD ENERGY.


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