BTG Positioning and GPR sign a multi-year, $40MM contract to supply advanced positioning technology for automated ports.



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OUD-BEIJERLAND, Netherlands & SOMERVILLE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BTG Positioning Systems, a leading supplier of absolute positioning measurement systems for container terminals, and GPR Ground Positioning Radar, a leader in advanced positioning technology, announce a strategic collaboration to bring a next-generation positioning system to seaports.

Seaports, which handle an estimated 80% of global trade, represent a complex and challenging environment for automation. When we look at the challenges of positioning, the introduction of automated vehicles and cranes in ports has been limited to date by a lack of reference points, limited visibility, adverse weather, unreliable GNSS signals, and expensive sensor packages.

BTG and GPR’s partnership marks a strategic move to enable a fully autonomous supply chain. The new technology, co-developed by the parties, relies solely on ground-penetrating radar to position autonomous equipment accurately and reliably in all visibility conditions. This change in reliability and availability will reduce the upfront investment for the operators, lower operating and maintenance costs, and unlock automated operations capabilities for any port.

The partnership grants BTG exclusive rights to the use of GPR’s core technology in seaports and the $40MM agreement follows a year-long collaboration between the parties.

“Our new absolute positioning measurement system is a game-changer for the industry. It provides the same level of precision and reliability as our traditional systems but without the need to implement infrastructure facilities. This opens the door to broader acceptance of autonomous guided vehicles and gantries, contributing to the efficiency and safety of container terminal operations,” said Diek Neurdenburg, CEO of BTG Positioning Systems.

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“This collaboration reaches beyond the introduction of new technology, it’s about shaping the future of autonomous transportation,” said Moran David, CEO of GPR. “We are integrating GPR’s unique technology into BTG’s wide range of solutions. This collaboration is a testament to BTG’s commitment to bringing the best solution to its customers and we could not have found a better partner to create a full solution for ports.”

The joint product positions both companies as leaders in the autonomous operations technology space, offering an innovative solution that addresses the critical challenges faced by the industry.

About BTG

Since 1990 BTG Positioning Systems has been playing a leading role in developing and supplying absolute positioning measurement systems for vehicles and cranes in automated container terminals. Our in-depth knowledge of the container terminal operations and close connection to the customer allows us to deliver the service and technology necessary for optimal efficiency and safety in this challenging environment.

About GPR

Since 2017, GPR has been on a mission to use subterranean data to help industry leaders unlock the full potential of autonomy. GPR has pioneered Ground Positioning Radar, a radar that penetrates and scans the subsurface to allow vehicles to localize and determine their positioning with centimeter-level accuracy. Integrating GPR into autonomy systems enhances safety, uptime, and efficiency across industries and terrains, fostering a smarter and safer interconnected transportation ecosystem.

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