Co-op Action Adventure “River Tails: Stronger Together” is Coming to Nintendo Switch™! Available Today! (July 4th)



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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tokyo based GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co. Ltd. is proud to announce that today (July 4th), the colorful 3D co-op action adventure River Tails: Stronger Together is debuting on Nintendo Switch™!

River Tails is Releasing Today (July 4th) to Nintendo Switch!

River Tails, which was nationally recognized as a finalist in the Italian Video Game Award’s “Best Italian Debut Game” category, will be playable for Nintendo Switch.

River Tails is a co-op game where players take the role of Furple, the happy-go-lucky kitten, or Finn, the moody fish. As each player controls their character, embark on a richly animated river adventure.

How about inviting a friend, family member, or significant other to join and play?

*Online co-op patch news coming soon.

If you’re looking for a challenge, try “Lone Wolf Mode”, which allows one player to control both characters at once!

A Story of Budding Friendship

One day at the top of an icy mountain, carefree Furple wanders far from home and into a scary encounter. Suddenly, the ice shattered beneath Furple’s feet, the kitten plummeting down the tall mountain.

Thankfully, Furple safely landed on a certain hotheaded fish. Having lost something precious to him, Finn isn’t in a mood to make friends… until he realizes Furple is key to getting back what he lost. The unlikely pair decide to adventure together to achieve their goals: Furple to return home, and Finn to retrieve his precious item.

Stronger Together!

Overflowing with nature, this “river world” is full of as much danger as there is beauty. Piranha infested forests, a frog empire of crumbling ruins, steep canyons, and underground caves. You’ll always utilize the two characters together to escape danger, and that goes for boss stages at the end of each world.

Cooperating consistently with another player isn’t easy, but are you up for the challenge?

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Easy Controls and Fun for Everyone!

The main story mode consists of short stages in different environments. Everyone’s sure to find something they like with the simple controls, which make gameplay accessible for everyone.

A commemorative sale until Tuesday, July 9th!

To celebrate the release, a sale will be offered until Tuesday, July 9th. Don’t miss this opportunity to save 10%!

*Duration will differ by region.

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