Tackling Coronavirus: 3D Hubs launches COVID-19 manufacturing fund to boost key equipment production



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Almost all countries across the globe have focused their efforts on curbing the spread of Covid-19 or the Coronavirus. Even before it was declared a pandemic, the number of Covid-19 cases increased at an exponential rate, so much so that medical institutions could not keep up with the increased count. While the virus’ spread is slowing down in some regions, there is a dire shortage of resources. 

COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund

To help with the ongoing shortage of crucial components, the global online manufacturing platform 3D Hubs has announced the COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund. Multiple initiatives for manufacturing components like masks and ventilator parts sprung up when the news of shortage spread. However, most of these initiatives lack funds and manufacturing capacity needed to act quickly. 

3D Hubs’ COVID-19 Manufacturing Fund is aimed at raising capital to fight against coronavirus by financially helping such initiatives. They also intend to connect them with the means required to swiftly manufacture vital equipment such as protective masks and ventilator parts. 3D Hub says it is in a unique position to enable small initiatives to get access to virtually ‘unlimited’ manufacturing capacity, thanks to its global network of manufacturing partners. 

Raised over $18,000 in less than 12 hours!

In under 12 hours after launch, the fund raised just over $18,000. This has enabled 3D Hubs to partner with Make4Covid and The University of Denver to process their first order to manufacture up to 10,000 protective face shields for hospitals in Denver. Furthermore, Key components for the Prusa face shield RC2 are also being produced, to be used ‘in the field’ in hospitals that are facing shortages. 3D Hubs has also partnered with Project Open Air to work on ventilator splitters to increase the capacity of existing ventilators. 

“Thousands of designers and engineers around the world are stepping up to design parts for life-saving applications. We want to make sure these parts reach those in need as soon as possible. By launching this fund, and committing our global manufacturing capacity, we’re accelerating these initiatives as fast as we can,” says Brian Garret, co-founder and CPO of 3D Hubs. You can also help the cause by making a donation here

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