Crowdfunding platform Voordekunst attracts €150,000 investment

Crowdfunding platform Voordekunst attracts €150,000 investment

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Crowdfunding, a young but booming form of financing connects those who can give, lend or invest money directly with those who need financing for a specific project. In the first half of 2018, €154 million was financed with crowdfunding in the Netherlands, according to an analysis by

Now, a new Dutch crowdfunding platform is making it big in the arts and culture niche of the Netherlands. In the latest development, three Dutch organizations (Amerborgh International, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and the Fund for Culture Participation) joined hands to contribute € 150,000 to the further development of the website of Voordekunst.

Voordekunst: Largest Dutch art crowdfunding network in the Netherlands

Since its establishment in 2010, investors have donated €18.9 million in 3000 plus projects hosted by Voordekunst. The platform provides advices, guides crowdfunding campaigns and helps to achieve the goals of artists and the Dutch creative sector.

6 million practitioners of the amateur art in the Netherlands

Roy Cremers, director of Voordekunst sheds light on how the platform helps the 6 million plus practitioners of the amateur art in the Netherlands.

“The Netherlands has over 6 million practitioners of (amateur) art. In 2017 there were 1,400 applications on our platform, a fraction of this number, while every creative person can start a campaign via With this further development, we expect to appeal to more makers and, as a result, more donors”, said Cremers.

Backers of Voordekunst

Voordekunst’s backers include Amerborgh, an investment company with a large portfolio of art and cultural activities.

Other entities include Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and Fund for Cultural Participation. AFK’s contribution is also noteworthy as the organization has helped Voordekunst by contributing 300 Amsterdam projects via the platform since the beginning.

Competing with other Dutch crowdfunding platforms

There are other Dutch crowdfunding platforms as well that Voordekunst may have to compete with indirectly. These include Mymicroinvest, a Dutch platform founded in 2011 and the Dutch crowdfunding service Symbid. News from these platforms indicates that crowdfunding is a tough industry to crack, as reported by Silicon Canals when Symbid took losses and closed its Amsterdam office. However, Voordekunst has cleverly positioned itself as an ‘arts and culture’ crowdfunding platform for ‘makers’ which helps it differentiate from other platforms.

Symbid and Mymicroinvest on the other hand support general purpose projects to provide access to traditional and alternative finance for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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