Paris-based Descartes&Mauss gets €5.5M to help companies automate the decision-making process using AI



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Paris-based Descartes&Mauss, a company specialised in a new breed of AI-powered solutions for strategy-making, announced on Tuesday that it has secured €5.5M from Elaia Partners and Polytechnique Ventures.

The company will use the funds to accelerate its product development and reinforce its commercial teams.

Descartes&Mauss is on a mission to create a global leader in the new “StraTechˮ category, automating companies’ strategy playbook with their proprietary SaaS AI-enabled platform.

In an ever more unpredictable world, optimising the allocation of resources is key.

What does D&M solve?

According to a recent survey, $300B is lost every year because of bad choices leading to productivity losses and burn-outs.

The playbook of spotting the right growth opportunities, focusing on them, and capturing impact has never been such a hard challenge for strategy teams.  

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Markets are now changing at high speed, simultaneously across many dimensions: politics, economics, society, tech, environment, and regulation.

The traditional months-long process of turning those signals into high-impact and low-risk action plans can now be productivised entirely.

Here’s where D&M comes into play!

Descartes & Mauss: Powering new breed of AI

Founded in 2021 by Maurice NDiaye and Thomas Decerisy, Descartes & Mauss is a StraTech, a new breed of AI-powered solutions for strategy-making.

The company does this by utilising advanced statistical modeling techniques.

D&M creates digital twins of a company’s business, industry, and stakeholders. These twins are used to simulate potential future scenarios and mitigate risk in decision-making related to resource allocation (such as R&D and innovation, investment, and growth).

This enables executives to make faster and more cost-effective decisions.

Furthermore, it greatly enhances the efficiency of their suppliers and consulting partners by providing access to a comprehensive model of their business.

Descartes&Mauss has identified three main areas of impact for its platform:

  • Control: Internalise key decision processes with reliable and accessible software.
  • Efficiency: Improve reactivity, action, and lower costs.
  • Effectiveness: Improve decisions and success rates at the enterprise level.

The investor

Elaia Partners is a European top-tier Venture Capital firm, investing in technology disruptors with global ambition from early stage to growth development.

Alexis Frentz, Investment Director, Elai says, “In backing Descartes&Mauss, Elaia is thrilled to support this talented team as they look to transform enterprise 2 Descartes & Mauss raises €5.5M to bring AI to the world of Strategy-Makingproductivity in corporate strategy with the power of AI. As the Stratech sector continues to grow, we are confident in the team’s commitment and ability to expand their enterprise client base as the need for decision-making software grows.

Polytechnique Ventures is the Venture Capital fund dedicated to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of École polytechnique.

Financed by Alumni, it supports deep tech startups founded by former students or incubated within the school innovation centre, or spin-offs from its research laboratories.

Cécile Tharaud, CEO of Polytechnique Ventures, says, “We are delighted to support Maurice and Thomas in their ambitious venture! Friends for long, they bring together a sharp experience in strategy consulting, a deep know how as well as an enlightened vision for future developments and usage of AI, and a real drive for entrepreneurshipˮ says Cécile Tharaud, CEO of Polytechnique Ventures. “We are proud to partner with D&M which was already able to attract trust from major partners and help shape the future of corporate decision-making. ˮ


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