French healthtech firm Doctolib acquires German AI-powered phone assistant solution provider



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Paris-based Doctolib, a company that provides new-gen services for health professionals, has acquired Berlin’s AI-powered phone assistant solution provider,, to expand in Germany.

The development was announced via a LinkedIn post by Chiara Baroni, Communications Director in Germany at Doctolib.

Aim of the acquisition

Doctolib is investing strategically in AI and product innovations to help doctors and nurses do their jobs better and make it easier for patients to get healthcare.

With the integration of, Doctolib can offer multiple ways for people to communicate with them. Even if someone doesn’t use apps or computers, they can still get in touch for help.

According to Doctolib, in Germany, many doctor’s offices spend about 45 hours every month answering phone calls. Sadly, patients can’t get through to their doctors by phone three out of four times. With this new partnership, Doctolib aims to solve this problem for care teams.

Tobias Wagenführer, CEO of, says, “Together, we can now offer the best product to relieve the burden on healthcare employees – and achieve our vision even faster.”

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For now, Aaron works independently of Doctolib. However, by the end of 2024, it will connect with Doctolib’s calendar to schedule appointments automatically. By 2025, Aaron will fully integrate into Doctolib’s solutions, offering users a comprehensive healthcare solution.

An AI-powered digital assistant

In 2015, Richard von Schaewen, Tobias Wagenführer, and Iwan Lappo-Danilewski saw how artificial intelligence could help in healthcare. They started together. Since then, they have been working to make healthcare better in Germany by using AI for practice phones. features an AI-based practice agent named Aaron. Aaron helps medical practices and assists patients over the phone at all hours to handle requests. It connects over 1.6 million patients monthly to healthcare they might have missed.

The company says, “We’re a growing healthtech company in Berlin. We work with over 3,500 doctors all over Germany to make medical practices more digital. Since 2022, we’ve had support from big investors who believe in our ideas.”

Brief about Doctolib

Founded in 2013 by Stanislas Niox-Chateau, Steve Abou Rjeily, Jessy Bernal and Ivan Schneider, Doctolib offers modern solutions for healthcare professionals. 

Its services focus on improving business operations, saving time, boosting efficiency, supporting patients, and promoting collaboration among colleagues.

Doctolib also streamlines patient access to treatment by helping them find appropriate doctors and schedule appointments with professionals, clinics, and hospitals.

According to Doctolib’s website, the healthtech company serves 900,000 professional users and over 80 million patients. With a team of 2,800 employees across France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, the company has conducted 25 million teleconsultations and securely shared 5 million documents.


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