Dutch-based Squad Mobility secures ‘major’ EU funding: Here’s the how and why



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Squad Mobility, a company based in the Netherlands that aims to provide an affordable Solar Car for everyone, has secured fresh EU funding as part of a tender won by the GIANTS consortium. 

The GIANTS (Green Intelligent Affordable Nano Transport Solutions) is a Horizon Europe project that aims to provide affordable and accessible mobility solutions to both emerging and advanced markets. The consortium includes 23 EU partners, such as Renault, Toyota Europe, and Valeo.

€1.35M grant!

The EU call named “Frugal zero-emission vehicles concepts for the urban passenger challenge” awarded €12M to the GIANTS project, with the Squad Solar City Car playing a central role in urban passenger applications. Integrated solar PV and swappable battery technologies are pivotal to the project’s solutions.

Squad Mobility has been allocated €1.35M from the total budget to advance the development and demonstration of their 2-person and 4-person platforms, L6 and L7, within the GIANTS project framework. 

In addition to funding, Squad Mobility benefits from support from supplying partners for components like batteries, drivetrain, electronics, software, and solar PV, along with R&D assistance from universities and research institutions within the consortium. 

These efforts are crucial for Squad Mobility’s roadmap towards production in 2025.

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Brief about the GIANTS project

GIANTS, funded by the European Union, is a Horizon Europe project that aims to provide affordable and accessible mobility solutions for emerging and advanced markets alike. 

It focuses on developing economical vehicles based on user demand, using technological solutions for producing L5, L6, and L7 class Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) for urban traffic. 

The approach emphasises modularity, scalability, interoperability, and innovative charging and energy optimisation.

GIANTS aim to create a user-focused vehicle platform without excessive features, emphasising affordability and modular design to optimise societal benefits and reduce environmental impacts.

What does Squad Mobility offer?

Squad Mobility, founded by ex-Lightyear employees Robert Hoevers and Chris Klok, aims to provide affordable solar cars for everyone. 

With over 40 years of experience in mobility, the founders have worked with scooters, motorcycles, FIA Formula E, Renault, Piaggio, solar cars, and flying cars.

Currently, Squad Mobility offers four pre-order options: Regular production for €50, Pioneer version for €500 (production numbers 101 to 1000), and Squad Signature Edition for €5000 (first 100 in production). 

Subscription and lease models will be available next year, starting at €100 per month. There is no estimated production date for markets outside the EU at this time.

Squad Mobility claims it will announce its public offering of shares on the Bondex platform by NXChange in the coming weeks. Investments will start at €250, and more details on this offering are expected soon.


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