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Eldercare support has been in high demand, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Senior citizens are more susceptible to infections due to their lowered immunity and a number of comorbid conditions that are related to ageing, apart from diseases like COVID-19, which is spreading more widely across the country and across the world. To aid older citizens, a number of Dutch eldercare companies are working to provide professional support and assistance to senior citizens. The procedure is completely contactless in order to help them with an easy, hygienic and safe lifestyle. Listed below are the top 6 Dutch eldercare startups that make life easier for seniors:


Sensara BV is a Dutch company and a research organisation focusing on accuracy and user experience that specialises in creating self-learning, intelligent home monitoring products. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dutch Domotics BV, a business that specialises in intelligent, contactless and privacy-friendly monitoring solutions for professional care homes. 

Sensara says the algorithm employed in the Senior Lifestyle System was created and thoroughly tested in residential care facilities over a couple of years. ‘Model-based reasoning’ system employed by Sensara usages the ongoing stream of sensor data to adapt the base model until it accurately depicts the actual behaviour pattern of the individual residing in the home. The system starts with a standard base model for single people living alone.

  • Cost-effective: It requires a gateway and five sensors. The system takes advantage of customers’ smartphones and the installed internet connection at home.
  • Simple: Installation is simple and straightforward. No cabling is necessary with wireless sensors. The installation is guided through each step by an app; it usually takes less than an hour to have the system up and running after opening the box.
  • Non-intrusive: After installation, the system operates continuously and automatically generates alerts as necessary. Users are not required to wear monitoring equipment. No cameras are utilised, and the technology safeguards privacy by fully encrypting data and requiring a password for access.
  • Virtually maintenance-free: Sensor batteries have a lifespan of more than 7 years. Therefore, the only maintenance that is typically needed is to change the batteries.


FocusCura enables users to maintain control and independence for a longer period of time. They achieve this by creating advances in ‘Virtual Homecare’ and ‘Hospital to Home’ — two subfields of healthcare. Smart goods and services are needed so that people can keep getting the care they require.

In the home healthcare innovation category, FocusCura attempts to bridge the gap between ‘cold technology’ and ‘warm caring’, every day in collaboration with medical professionals and caregivers. 

With 130k+ consumers taking advantage of their healthcare innovations, 15+ years of expertise in the Netherlands and overseas, and 150+ home healthcare groups and hospitals, FocusCura claims to be the Dutch market leader in this area.

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Dinst is a marketplace for trustworthy home service providers. Dinst connects persons who are housebound, old or disabled with homecare providers. People can identify, compare and book reputable experts who can assist them with their needs with just a few quick clicks. This includes pet care providers, handymen and hairdressers.


For elderly people suffering from dementia, Tinybots creates miniature, table-mounted social robots. The tool helps structure the day and serves as a voice reminder for regular tasks. Additionally, it may play music when connected to a particular app. The company is a part of the Rockstar Accelerator Digital Health programme, which offers startup funding to deserving businesses.


Founded in 2006, Buurtzorg claims to have transformed community care in the Netherlands with its nurse-led approach to holistic care.

Customer satisfaction is the biggest achievement of any healthcare organisation and Buurtzorg’s ‘Best Employer’ status is a reflection of the dedication and satisfaction of its workforce (4 out of the last 5 years). Additionally, significant financial savings have been achieved by them.

From 1 to 850 teams, Buurtzorg expanded across the Netherlands extremely quickly. Buurtzorg expanded into new care specialties like mental health, children’s services and family care during this time. It also assisted other Dutch foreign care organisations in adopting the Buurtzorg model of care. 

To find new methods of operation and new areas of care, Buurtzorg collaborates both domestically and globally.


HumanXR, a non-profit venture, has a clear goal — to provide people in need with wonderful virtual experiences. Regardless of age, they are driven by a mission to help those in need find renewal and relief. The VR experiences aren’t meant to replace therapy or treatment for illness but have been created to encourage mental sharpness and physical fitness in a motivating and inspiring way, supporting overall well-being.

The company creates their virtual reality experiences with artists who are all driven by a desire to aid those in need. To provide the finest experiences possible, they work with specialists in geriatrics, physical therapy and psychology.


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