Here are the startups that were victorious during the Accenture Innovation Awards

Here are the startups that were victorious during the Accenture Innovation Awards

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Last Friday, we visited the Accenture Innovation Awards. Today, we announce the actual winners of the award show. 

“Support innovative entrepreneurs”

“With the Accenture Innovation Awards, we want to support innovative entrepreneurs to further expand their solutions,” says Manon van Beek, Country Managing Director Accenture the Netherlands. These are the winners of all categories announced on the 27th of October at the Accenture Innovation Summit:

Winner Social Voting: PABBL

Pabbl transforms the your mobile lockscreen into an interactive billboard with news, influencers, and ads that are completely customized to its user.

Winner Health & Wellbeing: MOMALA-APP

An app that detects malaria parasites in a blood stain.

Winner Future Food Solutions: ASPARAGUS HARVESTING ROBOT

A smart robot that makes manual harvesting of asparagus obsolete.

Winner Perfect Cities: LUXSENZ

Uses sunlight to allow objects to communicate/transmit information in a sustainable and privacy-preserving manner.

Winner Safe & Secure Society: MINE KAFON DRONE

A drone system that detects and removes landmines.

Winner Clean & Affordable Energy: THE GOODSHIPPING PROGRAM

Offers cargo owners a solution to reduce their CO2 footprint.

Winner Skills to Succeed: KNOWINGO

A cloud-based learning platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and Gamification that develops a personalized way for employees to learn. Here’s our interview with the founder!

Winner Seamless Travel & Transport: SYNPLE

Software for real-time, cross-chain collaboration in the transport sector, increasing synergies between transport companies and making their business model more sustainable.

Winner Circular Economy: BLUE BATTERY

A storage solution for renewable energy in a concentration gradient between fresh and salty water (H2O + NaCl)

Winner Financial Services Reinvented: NX’CHANGE

A stock exchange that brings companies and investors together without intervention of a bank or broker

Winner Delightful Consumer Experience: IV-WALK

A wearable infusion vest that stimulates mobility in hospitals to accelerate the recovery of patients.

Winner Intelligent Enterprise: LOW POWER GLOBAL AREA NETWORK

Delivers worldwide connectivity for sensor-based and IoT-related devices via their own satellite network.

Check these video’s if you missed the Accenture Innovation Awards:


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