StudiStartupJob wants to connect students with startups

StudiStartupJob wants to connect students with startups

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On Thursday the 2nd of February, StudiStartupJob officially launched at Startup Village Amsterdam. The student recruitment agency matches students looking for a side job with startups that need additional capacity. This allows talented students to work on their experience and resume, while startups gain motivated and driven new employees.

Connecting students with startups

With over a hundred thousands active students in Amsterdam, it’s hard for startups and scale-ups to find the right student with the right profile. Students face the same problem: there is a need for side jobs among students that are relevant to their career and studies, but not enough places to find them.

No longer pouring beers

“We don’t want to see talented students folding clothes or pouring beers as a side job,” says Maaike Verdegaal, unit manager at StudiStartupJob.” “We offer tailor made solutions to startups and scale ups. We have a big pool with a lot of talented students that are eager to work due to our connections with universities and colleges in Amsterdam. Because we work together with Startup Amsterdam we can offer competitive pricing.”

Flexibility as a big plus

The big plus for startups here is the flexibility. Whether they need a few extra hands for only a day or two, or a part-time employee for the next two years, StudiStartupJob promises to deliver a tailor made match in a week. Startups pay StudiStartupJob around 30 euro’s per hour while the recruiter takes care of sick day compensation, holiday pay and insurances.

Idealistic ideas

“I’d like to work at a startup instead of a corporate environment because startups share certain idealistic ideas that fits well with my own personality,” said a marketing student who participated in a round of elevator pitches. “At a startup I can experience what it’s like to set up a successful campaign without a lot of tools and resources: exactly the kind of marketing that is interesting in this day and age”. StudiStartupjob is part of student recruitment agency StudiJob. In addition to its partnership with StartupAmsterdam, StudiStartupjob also works together with the University of Amsterdam, the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Innovation Exchange Amsterdam. With such major parties backing this initiative it seems bound to become a big success.


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