German startup rules Tech5, no glory for Dutch contender Tiqets

German startup rules Tech5, no glory for Dutch contender Tiqets

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It was already announced that Tiqets is the fastest growing Dutch startup, but could it also be the fastest growing startup of Europe? The answer is ‘no’. Impressive as Tiqets’ 2480% revenue growth might be, it is not nearly enough to win the Tech5 award for fastest growing startup. The German Lesara won the award with a staggering revenue growth of 7950%. Yikes.

Online fashionretail done right

Lesara is a webshop that sells affordable clothing. So far nothing new. The disruptive part of Lesara is the fact that they control their entire supply chain and they do it well. From manufacturing (in China) to photography (in Hong Kong), everything is done in house. This allows them to go from fashion-idea to actual product in merely 6 to 9 days, cutting development time by 90%. It takes another two days to get the clothes on your doorstep.

German startups grow like crazy

One thing that stood out is that Lesara is no exception. The six finalists for the Tech5 awards were from different countries, because that’s how the award works. But if The Next Web would’ve invited the six startups with the highest growth number of Europe on stage, it would’ve been a German meeting. Besides Lesara, the German startups Foodpanda, Bonaverde, FinanceFox and Movinga completed the top 5.

Other Dutch competitors

Dutch fast growing startups were already announced. Tiqets, that lets users buy and use tickets for travel and entertainment on their smartphone, did the best. Other fast growers are Sendcloud, Pastbook, Bux and Blendle. Especially Sendcloud is impressive,as they made it to the list last year as well. Eventually Fairphone took the big price for fastest growing European startup in 2015.

Still…pretty awesome

Where are the Dutch startups compared to the rest of Europe? Well, Tiqets barely made the top 10. Sendclouds revenue grew 1616%. Pastbook did well with 1239% revenue growth. And at the bottom of the top 30 were Bux (670%) and Blendle (618%). This is by no means a lousy achievement. If you can get your revenue to grow with triple digits, you’re doing great. Just….not as good as the Germans.

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