Cheers to Minibrew as investors pour €2.45M into the microbrewing startup

Cheers to Minibrew as investors pour €2.45M into the microbrewing startup

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I like beer, a lot. Maybe you do, too. Actually, a lot of people like beer. So, we drink tons of it. But not just any beer. Craft beer is quite the thing these days, so with DIY also being a megatrend, why not brew at home too? Dutch startup Minibrew,  that enables you to (micro)brew you own craft beer at home, can keep on pouring as investors have poured in a €2.45M seed round into the Utrecht-based company.

Getting wasted?

The new funding is not to be wasted on getting wasted, though. “This is the fuel we needed to fulfill our mission; globalize local fresh craft beer. We are so proud that we were able to attract a partnership of investors that is eager to support us to shift an industry, create a new category and open up the route to a global market where everybody can brew and share fresh local craft beer anytime, anywhere”, the founders Olivier van Oord and Bart van de Kooij state.


Besides VOC Capital, who committed additional capital to their original investment, four new investors participated in the seed round. Only Hoving & Partners SA are named, the other two investors remain undisclosed. The fresh funding will be used to accelerate the production process and expand to the US, South America, and Asia.

Easiest brewing solution

MiniBrew claims to be the easiest brewing solution on the market. It sees itself as a platform to brew fresh local craft beer, anytime, anywhere. It seeks to stimulate “brewing ingenuity and local neighborhood industries”. It features an IoT table top brewing appliance, fully controlled by sensor technology and an app to either brew global craft beers, or to create your own local fresh craft beers at home (or wherever).


The startup boasts massive traction, with 431 customers from 33 countries, and partnership with breweries like Dois Corvos (Portugal), Victory Art Brew (Russia), de Prael, de Leckere and Jopen (The Netherlands). Minibrew also announces a new CEO, Edwin Blom, who previously worked for PepsiCo and SABMiller/Grolsch.

Like to try? They’re crafting a special TNW craft beer (IPA) during the conference in Amsterdam, tomorrow. Cheers!

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